Five Mind-Blowing Mosaics By Joe Black

mosaics by joe black

Artist Joe Black uses a laborious technique of assembling hand-painted or altered everyday objects which have a imply meaning within the final image they create.

Mosaics by Joe Black

Grace Kelly Made of 2,000 Diecast Toy Cars
grace kelly mosaicabove: Untitled 2 (Saving Grace), 2,000 hand-painted Diecast toy cars on aluminium, with resin coating. 196 x 131 x 10 cm – 77.2 x 51.6 x 3.9 in., 2014

A dark memorial to the queen of Hollywood and Princess of Monaco, who lost her life in a car crash. This artwork is an addition to the series “Untitled” (Princess Diana) by Joe Black.

SAVING GRACE DETAIL 1SAVING GRACE DETAIL2Portrait of Vladimir Putin Made Of 2,500 Pornographic Pins
pussy riot mosaic of Putinabove: Pussy Riot, 2,500 handmade badges depicting pornographic imagery on aluminium, 172 x 137 – 67.5 x 54 in., 2014

pussy riot detail 1Skull Made of 10,000 Burning Candles
Angels with Dirty Face fullabove:Angels with Dirty Faces (end), 10,000 spray-painted candles on aluminium with resin coating, 174 x 124,5 x 16 cm – 68.5 x 49 x 6.3 in. 2014

This work is a part of the triptych Angels with dirty faces. Regeneration and renaissance are the underlying themes in these works. The symbolism within the works refers to the ephemeral and circular nature of life.

Angels with Dirty Faces detail 1Angels with Dirty Faces detail 2Ai Weiwei made of 2,500 miniature painted people
ai weiwei mosaic fullabove: Power to the people, 2,500 hand-painted scale plastic figures on, aluminium with clear lacquer coating, 135,5 x 91,5 cm – 53.3 x 36 in., 2014

This portrait is an homage to the artist Ai Weiwei. As an artist and political activist his work combines a desire for justice, democracy and freedom of thought and action for the people of China. In the tradition of using the ‘readymade’, he will use historical objects from China to create a modern aesthetic loaded with meaning. Weiwei’s multi-media art is always made to affect social change and uncover government corruption.

pHR2pHR3War Horse made of 22,000 LEGO bricks
war horse full above: War Horse, 22,ooo spar-painted LEGO bricks on aluminum, 195 x 146 x 6 cm – 76.8 x 57.5 x 2.4 in., 2014

War Horse by artist Joe Black is made of 22,000 LEGO bricks and depicts the image of the Wild West cowboy and victorious bucking horse. The artwork references how America is often perceived to be the cavalry and self-appointed sheriff of global affairs. In contrast, the use of Lego bricks conveys the simplistic notions of romance and freedom within the American landscape as well as the imaginary world of child’s play – devoid of international politics.

warhorse detailwarhorsa3.1

Joe donated the piece to a UK Unicef fundraising auction last year.

The British artist at work in his studio:
artist joe black at work

Joe Black is rigorous in his commitment to produce excellence and he demonstrates a level of skill that often falls outside the viewers’ understanding of what is possible.

During Frieze Art Fair in London in 2013, Black exhibited his debut show at London Opera Gallery. He has exhibited internationally includinga recent exhibition ‘Readymade’ in Hong Kong (2014) and in established galleries in New York, London, Paris, Dallas, Cannes, Dubai and Singapore.

Joe Black

all images and information courtesy of the artist

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