Montegiro Luxury Turntables: A Reason To Keep All That Vinyl

montegiro luxury turntables

Just because you like your music ‘Old School’ doesn’t mean the equipment has to harken back to the seventies and eighties. With the four technologically advanced, aesthetically pleasing modern designed turntables from montegiro, you can listen to music from decades ago without sacrificing a modern sense of style.

Montegiro Luxury Turntables

The Legno:
legno turntable

A new generation of turntables for the new generation of vinyl lovers. Organic shapes, rounded edges, natural materials: the legno model exudes a harmonious look that reflects its full, sonorous yet delicate sound. The legno skillfully combines wood and high-grade steel to produce an ideal sound. Available in white or bamboo:

The chassis takes advantage of wood’s stabilizing qualities combined with its resonance damping properties. The four adjustable high-grade steel feet are decoupled by embedded o-rings (innovative rubber composite), as is the extremely precise, specially treated synchronous motor, which is driven by an outboard high-end motor controller designed for highest demands.

The integral 10,5’’ tonearm (modified for montegiro) and the Benz cartridge provide – even at the entry level – the typical montegiro sound. The legno builds its power upon the fundamental musicality common to all montegiro turntables. The tight bass provides the perfect foundation for the development of a smooth mid-range and stratospheric highs.

The Vivo:

The cubistic, tinted acrylic chassis is available in several colors. The armboard for the 10,5’’ tonearm (specially optimized by montegiro) is also made from acrylic as is the platter mat atop the high-quality steel platter. Design integrity plus perfect finish in the manufacturer’s best tradition provide for a tremendously aesthetic ensemble.

As with all four montegiro models, the vivo is equipped with a special high-end, decoupled synchronous motor. An external high-end motor generator provides for the correct drive of all models and meets the highest playback demands.

The Mondo:
The Mondo turntable

The rectangular chassis is milled from a single piece of special steel. Powerful bass with ideal weight provides a perfect foundation for the mid-range and well articulated heights.

The armboard, made from acrylic, is embedded into the chassis and integrates itself perfectly. The steel and acrylic topped platter produces an extremely low resonance combination. The steel feet rest upon precious special steel plates embedded with acrylic which are additionally optimized by a montegiro innovation.

The specially treated, freestanding synchronous motor, decoupled within the chassis, is controlled by an external high-end motor generator. It provides the correct drive for all models and helps produce superior dynamics and timing. In addition to a Graham Engineering Phantom B-44 tonearm, the basic configuration includes the montegiro MG1 – a state of the art titanium bodied pickup system.

The Lusso:
Lusso turntable

Montegiro Lusso turntable

The lusso is built upon alternate layers of aluminum and black acrylic, including the upside -down cone for the aluminum platter fitted with an acrylic platter. The lusso is driven by a newly developed, extremely precise high-end synchronous motor suspended within one of the cones. The cones, connected to each other, embrace height-adjustable feet that serve for perfect set-up. Even the carbon tonearm, mounted on a cone, demonstrates attention to detail and style.

Montegiro Lusso turntable

Sonically, the lusso carries you into a perfect world of sound:
Between precise, crystalline highs, and weighty bass is a generous, softly melting midrange that helps produce an ideal, musically balanced turntable. Both the base version of the lusso with three cones and the top-of-the-line model with four cones and two tonearms provide the perfect symbiosis of technique and design. The basic configuration consists of a 10’’ carbon arm from Da Vinci (model Nobile), and the MG1 from the montegiro family, a state-of-the-art pickup-system from titanium. The top-of-the-line model with four cones includes a 9″ SME, model 5009 tonearm. Other armboards are available upon request.


Contact info:
Dattenberg GmbH
Zum Ludwigstal 10-12 · 45527 Hattingen | Germany

UPDATE: Sadly, Montegiro which was owned by Koetsu USA no longer seems to exist. Like so many expensive hand-crafted items, it must not have been able to stay afloat.