Ego Lifestyle Signature Luxury Notebooks Get Even Hipper With Several New Styles

Ego Luxury Notebooks

I’ve already written more than one blog post on Ego’s Lifestyle Signature line of notebooks/laptops. The ultimate in luxe for the laptop toting crowd, they’ve added a few more extremely cool products to their already stunning collection. Clearly I’m not the only one who thinks so. Ego was the recipient of the Microsoft Fashion PC Award.

The Microsoft Fashion PC award 2008 shows the movement of the merely technical PC industry, towards one in which higher influences of fashion, premium quality materials and user desires are a crucial element. The jury recognized Ego as the embodiment of this movement.

For Ego the fashion PC award not only marks a technical validation for their leading role played in design, development and production of high end luxury consumer electronics, but also a recognition for their role in the forefront of developing the traditional computer market to one that takes users’ desires as a starting point.
They presently have four collections, the Ego editions, The Personal editions, the Diamond editions and the Limited editions.

My favorite new one is the latest in their Limited editions designer collection by Dani Bles and Ego for the Jackie Summer Fair resulting in gold, silver and bronze leather covers debossed with three witty sayings: “She’s pretty, but not perfect”, “She’s sexy, but in control.” and “She’s International and on the run.” Danie Bles is fashion director of Jackie Magazine, stylist of Dutch celebs and each year Danie Bles Styling organizes two fashion shows: a summer tour and a winter tour.

Ego Luxury Notebooks

The Jackie Magazine collection:

above: Three from the Jackie Collection; gold, silver and bronze debossed leather with witty sayings.

above: Jackie’s Bronze computer interior

and above is the Jackie signature on the space bar.

And they even come with a shoulder strap to match!

In addition to the new Jackie Magazine collection, Andy Davis has added “fuerte” to the line:

above: Fuerte by Andy Davis

And in keeping with their unusual materials like fur, patent leather, embossed leathers, high gloss and more, are these new additions since my last post:

above: Goldfields

above: Goldstripe

above: Vision

above: Dark Secret

above: baroque

above: bluish

above: Moulin Rouge

Added to their exotic skins collections are bright and beautiful shades of ostrich, shark, eel and ray skins.

above: Goddess

above: Blue lagoon

And added to their Diamond collection is this deep purple suede one:

above: the Dibino Diamond, 18 Carat white gold ornaments, set with 6.9 carat diamonds.

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