Monster, Beast & Bear Rugs – Oh My!

monster rug hero IIHIH

Monster rugs, rugs with teeth, and bearskin rugs made of anything but bearskin, seem to be all the rage these days. So, I thought I’d share some of the best with you.

Monster, Beast & Bear Rugs

First, a design and blog favorite, Joshua Longo’s Monster Skin Rug, about which I was one of the first to write in a previous blog post:
ivory longoland monster rug duo2 IIHIHivory longoland monster rug duo1 IIHIHabove: made of Felted Cashmere, Wool, Polymer Clay, Stuffing
Visit Longoland, Joshua’s store to see other cute monsters and furniture.

Monster Workshop’s Monster Rug:

above: Monster’s Workshop rug.

They also makes adorable plush monsters for purchase.

Adopt them here.

Beast Rug from Punga and Smith
Picture 30Picture 32
Introduced at the 2009 Milan Furniture Fair, the felted wool rug has an origami-like brass skull under the felting.
DSC_0622Punga and Smith

Eelko Moorer’s Rubber Urethane Bearskin Rugs:
The brown, black and white rugs are specifically hand cast and made to order. Other colors are available upon request.
rubber bearskin rug

Making the rubber urethane rugs shown above
The original model has been executed by hand in clay. From this, a silicone mold has been made for the subsequent rugs. The rugs are all numbered and have a signature cast in the back:

buy it here.

The Blanket Statement by Lise Lefebvre:

ours1biglisa lefebre bear rug
The artists’ own description: Blanket statement is a contemporary bearskin rug handmade from reclaimed traditional Dutch blankets. These one of a kind rugs showcase the intricate patterns and thick sturdy construction while hinting at another traditional décor style.

I don’t know if the artwork below was inspired by some of the above rugs or not, but they would be a fun compliment.

Megan Burns painting:

above: Monster Rug, 2006, oil, 60 x w: 38 in / h: 152.4 x w: 96.5 cm
Contact The Proposition gallery for price (212) 242-0035

Benjamin Hall illustration for Blue Sky Comics:

The Road Kill Carpet from Ooms:

Edible Gummy Bear Rug
And of course, the Gummy Bear Rug, made entirely of gummy bears by sculptor Ya Ya Chou:

above: “Simon,” 2006, 7″X32″X30″, gummi bears, faux nailtops on wire armature and canvas (Retired)

So, given the trend, I guess it’s time to get the monsters out from under the bed and place them square in the living room.

The Chrissy Skin Rug by Chrissy Conant.
Addendum: A reader mentioned being surprised there were no “humans as animal rugs”, which reminded me of one of my favorite artists’ pieces, which I simply had to add.  Thanks for the reminder Amy!

chrissy rug chrissy conant IIHIHchrissy-conant-skin-rug-t

above: The Chrissy Rug by Chrissy Conant (image courtesy of Saatchi gallery)

To see tons of really cool rugs, check out my Fancy Flooring and Radical Rugs list on This Next.

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