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internet icon pillows

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Internet Icon Throw Pillows

The ultimate throw pillows for the tech-set, social networker or web designer. These internet icon pillows are cute and well made (as well as reasonably priced).  12″ square soft fleece pillows use the icons that represent many of the popular social networks such as; Twitter, the Twitter Fail Whale, DIGG, Facebook Friendfeed, Facebook, Tumblr, Myspace, Flickr, the RSS feed icon, Reddit and more.

Internet Icon Throw Pillows

And for your design-y friends the Adobe icons from their Creative suite are also available:
Internet Icon Throw Pillows

You can buy sets, like this “twitter” set too:
twitter Internet Icon Throw Pillows

According to Craftsquatch’s shop on Etsy, the internet icon throw pillows are 100% handmade and you need to allow 7-10 days for your item to be shipped because they’re made to order. He will even ship internationally.

He (Justin) will also make a custom order with your Icon or Logo, for more info about custom orders, contact him directly through his etsy store here.

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Craftsquatch is not the only one making Adobe Creative suite pillows, My Suite Stuff also offers 12″ square fleece pillows based on the Adobe program icons, only the lettering is white:

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