Bathing With Karim Rashid. His New TV Tub & Bath Collections For Saturn Bath.

Karim Rashid for Saturn

The latest is the brand new TV Tub by Karim Rashid for Saturn. A little slice of modern bathroom heaven for those who enjoy luxuriating in bubbles while watching the boob tube. In addition to the TV Tub,  here are three new bath collections by the famous designer for Saturn of Korea. 

Karim Rashid for Saturn

The TV Tub:
The one piece oval tub, made of white Liquid Acrylic Resin, incorporates a waterproof television into its organic shape and design.
karim rashid tv tub
tv tub
bathtub with built-in TV

But this is not the first tub that Karim has designed for the Korean company. The Karim Collection for Saturn consists of the Kouple tub and washbasin (which won the Reddot award this year), the new Kouple tub with rim, the Organik tub also with matching wash basin or sink, and the new Skape tub and wash basin or sink. All are typical fun and colorful designs for Rashid whose pieces often resemble Dr. Seuss on Acid.

The Kouple Collection:
karim rashid bath collections
Kouple bath collection

Karim Rashid’s Kouple Tub and Wash Basin:
Karim Rashid's Kouple Tub and Wash Basin

The Kouple tub, shown in pink (also available in other colors):
hot pink bathtubs

The newer Kouple tub with rim, also shown in pink (also available in other colors):
New Kouple Tub

The washbasin and wall mounted cabinet with embedded tv screen:
karim Rashid modern sink and cabinet

The Skape Collection
The Skape Collection Karimskape collection karim rashid

The Skape tub (white only)
skape bathtub

The Skape washbasin:
Modern washbasin

The Organik Collection:
karim rashid organik tub

The Organik tub (various colors available):

The Organik washbasin, also available in various colors:

above: designer Karim Rashid
Karim Rashid