A 6,000 Square Foot Modern Cabin In The Hamptons.

Modern Cabin In The Hamptons

This 6,000 square foot house by architect Jasmit Singh Rangr of Rangr Studio was designed and built for a software engineer, a former book editor who is now a stay-at-home mother and their three children. The home, which is presently a finalist in the 2015 Architizer Awards, answered Peter and Kathryn Mattis’ desire for a “cabin” in Southampton, NY. where they rented a home each summer. The couple purchased the secluded piece of land in 2010 for $950,000 and hired Rangr, for a home in the Hamptons that didn’t look like a traditional “Home in the Hamptons.”

Modern Cabin In The Hampton

House In Southampton by Jasmit Rangr Singh

House In Southampton by Jasmit Rangr Singh

What they got was this enormous modern Spanish cedar-lined cabin for themselves and their three children. The home’s design created three long cantilevers on the top of a secluded hill that give the spaces of the house commanding views into the woods and the feeling of being suspended in the trees. With two master suites and three additional bedrooms, it allows the Mattis’ to accommodate their friends along with their children.

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The living and dining spaces combine to form a Great Room, with a wall of sliding glass doors looking out onto the infinity pool and deck.

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House In Southampton by Jasmit Rangr Singh

House In Southampton by Jasmit Rangr Singh

The box on the bottom contains a kitchen, living room and two screened-in porches; the one on top holds a pair of master suites and children’s rooms, in a mirror image.

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House In Southampton by Jasmit Rangr Singh

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The large screen porch, on one of the cantilevered ends, contains an outdoor fireplace and creates the feeling of being in a tree house.

House In Southampton by Jasmit Rangr Singh

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The infinity pool’s design creates the illusion of a body of water tautly suspended between two stone walls with the infinity edge beckoning to the trees beyond.

House In Southampton by Jasmit Rangr Singh

“The dream we had of having a carefree house was a fallacy,” Ms. Mattis told the New York Times. “With the harsh winter, we’ve already had our roof leak. It’s a constant work in progress to keep everything maintained.”

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Not long ago, they had all the cedar on the exterior refinished to keep the color from fading. It’s an arduous process that will have to be repeated every five years, and one that many in the Hamptons neglect.

But the Mattises are determined not to let it slide. As Mr. Mattis said, “We don’t want a gray cabin in the woods.”

The architecture and landscaping, which were completed in the summer of 2013, cost $4.3 million; the interiors, $190,000.

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Photos by Paul Warchol, courtesy of The New York Times and Architizer.