Isolation Here Would Be Heaven: The Wave Cabin.

mousarris wave cabin

Now that almost everyone on the planet has been stuck within the confines of their homes due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, they may be reevaluating their living spaces, distinguishing their wants from the needs. If you’ve found that you’ve got more space and stuff than you need to happily exist, and yet you still appreciate aesthetics, the Wave Cabin may be just the home for you. Read more

The Ex of In House by Steven Holl Architects [ 35 photos]

Ex of In House by Steven Holl Architects

The Ex of In House in the woods of Rhinebeck, NY is an unusual guest house that’s part of an ongoing experiment by Steven Holl Architects which explores the language of space, spatial relationships and social openness. Read more

Now THIS Is My Kinda Cabin In The Woods.

Bear Run Cabin located in Marblemount, WA and designed by David Coleman Architecture is my kind of cabin. Although located in a rugged and rustic environment, it is anything but. Read more

A Sweet Little Summer Cottage In Denmark by Christensen & Co.

Summer Cottage In Denmark

Designed by Christensen & Co. Architects in conjunction with Pernille Poulsen, this Summer Cottage In Denmark is a canopied timber structure measuring only 689 square feet but because of its design it feels much larger. Read more

A 6,000 Square Foot Modern Cabin In The Hamptons.

Modern Cabin In The Hamptons

This 6,000 square foot house by architect Jasmit Singh Rangr of Rangr Studio was designed and built for a software engineer, a former book editor who is now a stay-at-home mother and their three children. The home, which is presently a finalist in the 2015 Architizer Awards, answered Peter and Kathryn Mattis’ desire for a “cabin” in Southampton, NY. where they rented a home each summer. The couple purchased the secluded piece of land in 2010 for $950,000 and hired Rangr, for a home in the Hamptons that didn’t look like a traditional “Home in the Hamptons.” Read more

The Ufogel Is A Cool and Cozy Rentable Refuge in Austria.

Designed by architect Peter Jungmann, The Ufogel (a combination of the words ‘UFO’ and ‘Vogel’ which means bird in German), is an extraordinary and comfortably appointed house made almost entirely of larch wood available for rent all year round in the East Tyrolian village Nussdorf – the southwestern part of Austria known as Tyrol (or Tirol). Read more