The FTS Paintings by Pulpbrother Couldn’t Be More Timely. (UPDATED with More!)

FTS paintings by pulpbrother

Depressed from the daily headlines, suffering from cabin-fever, worn out from arguing with those who have opposing political views or just plain tired of defending your personal PPE preferences? Artist Javier Mayoral aka Pulpbrother knows exactly how you feel and immortalizes that feeling in a series of small and hilarious paintings that sell out damn fast.

FTS Paintings by Pulpbrother

FTS Paintings by Pulpbrother

Pulpbrother executes whimsical and wonderful small paintings using acrylics on wood. He mocks everything from politics to religion to art with a delightfully wicked and random sense of humor. However, it’s the subject matter on a select number of his many pieces that’s really hitting home with us these days.

fts cookie monster

FTS painting chinese takeout

Javier is a Spanish self-taught artist currently based in Miami, Florida. Once a personal chef, he now supports himself with his artwork which combines his comic humor with his natural talent.

FTS painting airborne skater

FTS painting reading in bed

FTS fortune cookie

In addition to rendering everything from cats to kinkiness, pop culture icons to pop surrealism, his multiple depictions of the phrase “Fuck this shit” or FTS in text speak for those who aren’t up on their acronyms- perfectly capture the way so many of us are feeling at present.

alphabet soup fuck this shit

FTS painting woman flipping the bird

FTS painting greek coffee cup

fuck this shit girl with cigarette

Whimsical, humorous and aesthetically attractive, the FTS paintings by Pulpbrother sell out almost as quickly as he paints them. Personally, I desperately wanted to buy the one I used as the hero in this post, but I was too late.

FTS painting wife beater and veuve clicquot

FTS painting Espresso foam

Fuck this shit paintings

fuck this shit paintings

pulpbrother paintings

FTS painting woman smoking

His other works include many referencing cats, women, body parts, sex, architects, designers, artists, current events, fetishes and mocking Trump. Be sure to see what he has for sale here.

You can find some of his original works for sale here at Detour Gallery.

You can also find several of his past works printed on canvas for sale here.

Follow pulpbrother on Instagram here.