Miniature Mid-Century Modern Homes Made of Clay

miniature mid-century homes

Artist John Brickels has been working with stoneware clay for over 30 years. Based in Lowell, Massachusetts, his works range from series of steampunk machines, cars and robots to architectural buildings. But it’s his miniature Mid-century Modern homes that I want to share with you today.

Miniature Mid-Century Modern Homes

John creates these from slab and extruded stoneware clay, crafting them into wall-mountable pieces. His clay models of mid-century modern homes are like the homes found in Palm Springs designed by such classic MCM architects as William Krisel, Donald Wexler, Stewart Williams and the like.

miniature mid-century modern homes

clay artist

miniature mid-century modern homes

midcentury modern architecture

John’s attention to detail is evident by the interior of these monochromatic ceramic pieces. From the wall clocks to the wall art, everything is midcentury modern in design.

clay models of midcentury modern homes

john brickles clay art

clay model butterfly house

butterfly house in clay

swiss miss house clay model

detail swiss miss model

These are not as detailed or finessed as John’s large impressive stoneware City Buildings collection, but the raw unfinished monochromatic quality gives them a certain sense of charm.

artist John Brickels
artist John Brickels with his stoneware Lowell Mill Building

You can find more of John Brickel’s work at VSOPProjects and on his website.

all images courtesy of the artist with his permission.