Walking, Traveling, Dressing and Coloring With Your Octopus

Fun for the Octopus-Obsessed. If you’re not familiar with the illustrated books and activity books featuring Otto and Victoria by illustrator Brian Kesinger – then you’re doing your love of cephalopods a disservice. Drawn in his animated illustration style with a steampunk edge, Brian has published hardcover books, a coloring book, a paper doll book and more featuring the adventures of Victoria Psismall and her pet land octopus Otto. Read more

Mark Oliver Litterbugs Are Like Steampunk Entomology

Mark Oliver Litterbugs

Artist and illustrator Mark Oliver has taken the Victorian tradition of insect collecting and given it an artful twist in his “litterbugs’ by using disposed of objects from today’s urban world to create his own insects. Read more

The Rivet: A Steampunk Trike Built For A Captain

RIVET Steampunk Trike

William Shatner, a lifelong motorcycle rider, has partnered with Illinois-based custom bike shop American Wrench to create a steampunk trike called the Rivet by Iron Bill. Read more

Furniture Made from Old Mine Shells Will Blow You Away.

Mine furniture hero IIHH

Estonian artist Mati Karmin designs and crafts custom furniture from old Russian deep sea mines and sells them under the name MARINEMINE. Read more

Dutch Lab Cold Drip Coffee Machines Combine Sculpture and Functionality.

Dutch Lab Cold Drip Coffee Machines

Korea’s MZDB Co., Ltd is comprised of Mozi Studio and DE-BANG which is also an acronym of the two brands. They have designed a series of Dutch Lab Cold Drip Coffee Machines inspired by Architecture and Movies that look more like art than brewing machines. The unusual contraptions were designed to provide you with an easy and aesthetically beautiful way of brewing coffee and at the same time employ a process that is said to give you the maximum quality for the best-tasting coffee. Read more

Stunning Steampunk Sculptures by Devin Smith.

DEVIN SMITH Steampunk Sculptures if it hip its here

Devin Smith describes himself as someone who grew up idolizing Indiana Jones and wishing to be one of the Goonies. Enthralled with all of the visual elements of adventure films, he coveted the cool guns and gadgets of the characters he admired. Growing up without a workshop comprised of high-end machinery and various electrical equipment, he learned to improvise. Read more

The Incredible Whimsical Steampunk Sculptures of Stephane Halleux.

Steampunk Sculptures of Stephane Halleux

You may not be familiar with the name Stéphane Halleux, but if you saw the Oscar-winning animated short, Mr. Hublot, you’ve already seen some of his work. I’d been following his talents for awhile and was thrilled with the recognition Mr. Hublot received at the 2014 Academy Awards. Read more

Steampunk Christmas Ornaments Are One Of A Kind Handmade Art For Your Tree.

Absolutely beautiful, one of a kind, handmade ‘steampunk’ style Christmas ornaments will turn your tree into a Victorian Wonderland that even Jules Verne, Tesla and The Doctor would envy. Read more