Artist Milo Manara for Ulysse Nardin

Milo Manara for Ulysse Nardin

Watchmakers Ulysse Nardin has launched a collection of 10 new watches in collaboration with celebrated artist Milo Manara. Manara, an Italian comic book writer and artist, is one of the most important international erotic cartoonists and has worked with everyone from Frederico Fellini to Neil Gaiman for DC Comics.

Milo Manara for Ulysse Nardin

Milo Manara for Ulysse Nardin

Milo Manara for Ulysse Nardin

The new watches debuted at SIHH in Geneva in January 2019 and feature Manara’s illustrations of underwater encounters between a hauntingly beautiful woman and a mythical mermaid. The watches, each of which is priced at $26,900.00 USD, are a palindrome, each a unique, timeless moment that exists independently from the others.

Milo Manara for Ulysse Nardin

Using micro painting over 150 years of watchmaking knowledge and experience, Ulysse Nardin has transferred Manara’s story onto ten watch faces in a series that is unveiled for the first time at the SIHH in Geneva in January 2019.

Milo Manara for Ulysse Nardin

Where mermaids and sharks bask freely in clear waters, in an underwater world freed from the constraints of time, the tale told on each one of these ten, unique watch faces is a visual feast recounting of a love story between an earthly woman and an otherworldly mermaid. The Sapphic story unfolds under the waves, in a place where time has no bearing.

artist milo manara
“The clock lends itself particularly precisely to this theme because in eroticism there is eternity” Milo Manara says.


milo manara illustration

A mermaid and a human meet and engage tenderly under the watchful eye of a distant shark. Like the sirens in Homer’s classic tale of Ulysses, Manara’s mermaid enchants the young woman, taking her into a sensual embrace. Each scene is a moment where time disappears, and love propels them as they rock gently in the ocean waves.

Because most of the illustrations are too erotic to be published here, below are the few watches and illustrations from the ten that we can show you:

hand-painted watch face ulysee nardin

“I had to think of a theme that brings all these ten images together and yet leaves each one its autonomy, so that it works on its own without the need for the others”, Manara explained from his studio in Valpolicella, Italy. “This is not a linear story but there is a common thread based on two characters; one is a timeless girl and the other, a mermaid”.

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Manara has created just ten of these illustrations, a series that Ulysse Nardin has reproduced using micro painting. High in the swiss mountains, artisans at the Ulysse Nardin Headquarters in Le Locle have been working during approximately 50 hours around the clock to miniaturize each of Manara’s drawings on the dials, a surface which is roughly ten times smaller than the original water color paintings.

hand-painting the watch face

The art of miniature painting shows that perfection is indeed in the details. There is an explosion of colours in the sensual details.

ulysse-nardin watches

From the deep blue of the sea to the coral reef barrier, to the little waves details on the surface of the water and the color of the mermaid’s lips and jewels, it has all been painted by hand using a brush the width of a single eyelash. Patience is key. To enhance Manara’s erotic scenes, a lacquer has been applied as a topcoat on the acrylic painting, reflecting the light and nobility of Manara’s art work.

hand painted watch faces

Made of polished stainless steel, these Milo Manara special editions will also be manufactured in 5N rose gold. Ten pieces per drawing will be produced in stainless steel and ten pieces in rose gold, making the series limited to a mere 200 pieces in total.

Powered by the UN-320 self-winding manufacture movement and beating at the rhythm of silicium technology – which Ulysse Nardin has mastered for decades – only the hours and minutes are displayed in order to leave a maximum amount of space on the watch faces for the drawings. The hands are discreet, leaving the drawings to star on the face of each watch. These Classico Manara in 40 mm will be set on dark blue alligator straps to align with the color tonality dictated by Manara. As a special gift from Ulysse Nardin, each watch purchase will be accompanied by an original numbered Milo Manara print, signed by the artist himself.

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