Luxury Racing Bikes Exquisitely Crafted of Mahogany Wood By Sueshiro Sano.

luxury racing bikes

Exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail make this wooden bike the finest about which I have written. At least so far.

Sueshiro Sano Racing Bikes

While it’s true I introduced you to Woody Bicycles and the first FSC- certified wooden bicycle, the elegance and proportions of Sanomagic’s wooden bikes are in a class by themselves.

luxury racing bikes

Sueshiro Sano Racing Bikes

A ninth generation ship builder, Sueshiro Sano, shown above with his Mahogany Bike T2, has created a lightweight high performance luxury bike using layering techniques employed in shipbuilding to make the wood stronger and more durable.

above images courtesy of Adeyaka Magazine

Sano made his first Mahogany bicycle in January of 2008. Since then he has completed ten and is working on the eleventh in which he is introducing Mahogany deep polished rims.

Every element on the bike, other than the gears and brakes, is handcrafted of mahogany wood. A curved wooden frame, wooden spacers, wooden handlebars, a wooden saddle, wooden kickstand and wooden seat. Even the the wheels, the drink holder and the little cap on the tire valves is wood as well.

custom wood racing bikes

Sano claims the bike outperforms aluminum models and even some of the most cutting edge carbon fiber models. Like Carbon fiber, wood is a fiber which has holes inside for water which contain air. So, when the wood gets a shock, it expels the air much like a sneaker sole. This absorbs the majority of the shock and provides a seamlessly smooth ride.

Despite the fact that many people see his bikes as a ‘design project’, Sano considers safety and functionality first.

above: The Sanomagic workshop

Mahogany Bikes made by Sueshiro Sano.