Woody Bicycles: Hand-Crafted Hardwood Bikes

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Woody Bikes are beautifully hand crafted bikes made of domestic and exotic hardwoods such as bubinga, ash, mahogany and purple heart. The hardwood purchased for their bicycles comes from “maintained” forests. Domestic hardwoods, known for their strength and beauty, are used when ever possible. All materials are purchased locally which stimulates local economies and accommodates “green building” trend.

Hand-Crafted Hardwood Bikes

above: Max Samuelson, Carpenter/Lifeguard/Bikebuilder

The brainchild of a carpenter with his own construction company and summertime lifeguard in Cape May, New Jersey, Max Samuelson needed a project to do with his ‘free time’. So, inspired by a line from “Wedding Crashers” (remember when the kid asks Vince Vaughn if he can make a bicycle balloon animal?) he began building a wood bicycle. He started a stir when seen riding his wood bike around town. So now he’s making and selling these unusual beauties.

above: Bubinga and Ash, Coaster Brake
Price: $2300

above: Bubinga and Oak, Brooks Saddle, Coaster Brake
Price: $2500

above: Mahogany and Oak, Brooks Saddle, Coaster Brake
Price: $2500

above: Purple Heart and Ash, Ape Hanger Bars, Tassles, Coaster Brake
Price: $2750

From their “About Us’ page:
Max Samuelson, owner of Woody Bicycles (and shown in the center below), had a vision of a bike made out of wood.Not just any wood however.The bikes are made from the finest hardwoods and all materials and components that go into our product are only the best.A classic, our bikes are hand made and will satisfy any bike lover.

woody bicycles
Buy these beautiful bikes here.

And a video about Max and his bikes for you:

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