Custom Built Vintage-Style Beach Cruiser & Cool Kid’s Tricycle by James Perse

James Perse Bike and trike

A few cool sets of wheels from fashion and furniture designer James Perse. Each available in four colors, the design of both the beach cruiser and trike combine a retro look with a luxury style. Both bikes are available in matte black, olive green, orange and ivory. Read more

Aston Martin’s Limited Edition Luxury Road Bike. The Technologically Advanced One-77 Cycle.

Aston Martin One-77 Cycle

Designed by Factor for Aston Martin, the new limited edition luxury super cycle will only be produced in 77 units. Available in 7 sexy color options, the bicycle is equipped with an electronic touchscreen, Tufo Hi-Composite Carbon Tubular tires and a carbon fiber frame and handlebars. Full specs are at the end of this post. Read more

I’ll Be Back. On My $38,000 Bike. Five Hybrid Luxury Terminus Bikes from M55.

Terminus Bikes

If Optimus Prime and The Terminator had a child, it’d be the Terminus by M55. Founded in 2006, the Hungary-based M55 Hybrid Bike company builds cutting edge hybrid electric bicycles using the best technologies and materials available. Titanium, carbon fibre, custom airbrushing and even Swarovski crystals are used in the construction of these mean-looking electric machines. And at a price of $36,000 – $39,000 per bike, these are made for a discriminating, and wealthy, bunch. Read more

Evolution Of Steel: Josh Hadar’s One-Of-A-Kind Custom Eco- Friendly Bikes.

From May 6th-May 27th, Josh Hadar (above), founder and owner of Hadar Metal Design, an eco-friendly design group that creates one-of-a-kind custom bikes and environmental installations, will launch his first showcase at 285 Lafayette St. in New York City.

The L’Ovalle:

Hadar has worked to develop new sculptural art installations that bring evolving environmental technologies to the forefront of the art world and will display a series of bikes and trees, all hand crafted from steel in his neighborhood workshop.

Richard The Lionhearted:

The exhibit will display everything from Josh’s crude early work to his more recent custom bikes such as “ER’s Teardrop,” which features nickel on rolled steel, hand-spun aluminum plate wheels, and a hand-blown, steel-wrapped glass fuel tank with an 80 cc gas powered motor with pedal assist.

ER’s Teardrop:

Also featured is “Christy Lynn,” built to honor the strength and spirit of his dear friend Christie Lynn Medrano who died of complications from the treatment of breast cancer in November of 2008.

The Christy Lynn:

Josh’s shop is fully equipped with solar power and he is exploring new applications of alternative drive systems and power sources for his unique bikes, trees and tricycles. The results of this work has earned an enthusiastic and diverse global audience of fine artists, craftspeople, environmental scientists, engineers, technicians and social activists who bring their knowledge and energy to the development of new projects. Now for the first time, Josh’s work will be showcased in one setting, allowing admirers to experience the next wave of eco-conscious design.

Eco-Luxe bikes:

“I am thrilled to be able to showcase my work to new audiences,” said Josh Hadar. “Artists have a responsibility to not only create visually pleasing installations but also a social need to be leaders in the environmental movement and I hope that my work will not only excite the art community but also inspire change.”

The Solar E-Trike:

“The Evolution of Steel,” will debut with a private preview on Thursday, May 5th in the original space that Hadar began his journey into the art world years ago. After a storied career in the nightlife and theater industries, Hadar decided to pursue his true passion and trained himself how craft steel through natural means (around fire hydrants, lamp posts, trash cans and trees) rather than using heat or electric equipment. His early work with reclaimed building materials and broken bicycles from the streets of New York developed into an exploration of the relationship between biological and technological forms. Hadar was drawn to the art of metal sculpting by its structural fluidity and lack of strict aesthetic rules, which encouraged the self-taught artist to learn the particulars of metal design in order to create original installations.

Father Heart, Mother Heart and Little Cub:

In addition to the bikes, Josh will showcase his newest creations, solar powered steel trees that represent the future of eco-conscious design, already displayed across the globe including an installation at the Intercontinental Hotel in Times Square.

Featuring New York’s First Solar Powered Electric Vehicles and Additional Eco-Conscious Art Installations

285 Lafayette St. (Bet. Houston and Prince St.)
New York, NY 10012

PRESS PREVIEW: Thursday, May 5th from 7:00 PM-10:00 PM
EXHIBIT: From May 6th-27th
Tuesday to Friday: 1pm-9pm
Saturday: 12pm-9pm
Sunday: 12pm-6pm

For more information and to view more of Josh’s work please Hadar Metal Design.

Mansory Takes On Two Wheels With A Custom Carbon Fiber Zapico Bike.

MANSORY Zapico custom bike

Mansory is best known for their luxurious customization of high-end vehicles, notably adding lots of carbon fiber, elegant interior appointments and performance upgrades to automotive luxury brands like Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti, Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, Rolls Royce and Range Rover. Read more

Luxury Racing Bikes Exquisitely Crafted of Mahogany Wood By Sueshiro Sano.

luxury racing bikes

Exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail make this wooden bike the finest about which I have written. Read more

Leather Engraved Brooks Saddle Bicycle Seats By Kara Ginther

Talented leather artisan Kara Ginther creates beautifully carved Brooks saddles. The intricately engraved bicycle seats are created in various colors, styles and types of leather.

She turns a ‘blank slate’ into a unique and functional piece of art, embellishing it with imagery that encompasses everything from western, nautical and nordic styles to floral, graphic and patterned ones:

Kara Ginther engraved leather Brooks Saddle Seats:

Nautical 2 (private commission):

Limited edition of 20 for London’s Tweed Run:


Fair Isle:

Artifact and Herringbone for a tandem bike:

Artifact 2:



Thistle (private commmission):

A paisley inspired design for Ahren of Banjo Cycles:

for Black Sheep:

For Sundance:

For Topanga Creek Bicycles:

Kara at work in her studio:

Kara Ginther also carves boots, luggage and more. Visit her site for more information.

all images courtesy of the artist

Be Cycle & Fashion. 12 Designers Customize Peugeot Bikes For Charity.

custom peugeot bikes by designers
above: Kenzo Takada’s custom Peugeot is one of twelve bikes that will be auctioned off in September

Idenium PR agency, web-tv channel The Heart and Sylvie Burger Council have garnered several big names in fashion and design: Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Ylan Anoufa, Gabriella Cortes (founder of Antik Batik), Karim Bonnet, Francois Duris for Peugeot, Marithe and Francois Girbaud, Kaori Ito for Elieux by Jean-Claude Jitrois, Jerome L’Huillier, Ora-Ito, On Aura Tout Vu for Swarovski and Kenzo Takada to design and execute custom Peugeot Bikes which will be auctioned off and whose proceeds will benefit ACT Responsible, whose aim is to promote environmental and social causes. Read more