Handcrafted Eco-Friendly Font Puzzles For Typophiles Hand Made in Italy.

font puzzles

Fan of fonts? These beautifully designed and crafted painted plywood puzzles from Looodus are laser cut and hand-finished in the hills of Trivero in Piemonte, approximately two hour’s drive from Milan, Italy. Read more

30 Carved Wood Baseball Bats by Vincent Kohler in ‘Turnaround.’

Vincent Kohler hand carved baseball bats

‘Turnaround’ is an artistic project by Vincent Kohler which focuses on the theme of the baseball bat. It consists of a collection of thirty baseball bats, turned on a lathe using different species of woods. Each bat is unique in form, and a book combining texts by various authors and photographs was specially done on the subject for this project. Read more

Adorable Hand Carved Wooden Puppets By Australian Wez Champion.

Hand Carved Wooden Puppets by Wez Champion

With initial training and a mentorship in Prague under Puppet master Michaela Bartonova, Wez Champion is establishing himself as a “one of a kind” puppet carver in the Australia. Combining the traditional Czech carving techniques with the unique Australian experience and “heart”, Wez is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in wooden puppet building and loves the challenge of custom puppets. Read more

Le bureau de Paolo by Sam Baron

This unusual and beautiful desk, the Le bureau de Paolo by Sam Baron, is made in a limited edition of 8 pieces. Crafted of Teak wood by Sam Baron for the Secondome Gallery, it measures 120cm X 75cm X 150cm and has lots of storage in its wonderfully modern design. Read more

Luxury Racing Bikes Exquisitely Crafted of Mahogany Wood By Sueshiro Sano.

luxury racing bikes

Exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail make this wooden bike the finest about which I have written. Read more