More Sophisticated Than Lego and Cooler Than A Jigsaw Puzzle. Model Building Kits by Little Building Co.

Little Building Co. Architectural Model Kits

If you’re tired of jigsaw puzzles, have outgrown LEGO and have an affinity for architecture, Australia’s Little Building Co may be the ultimate adult craft project for you. A series of impressive, but not too difficult, small wooden model kits based on some of the most architecturally significant buildings in the world.

Little Building Co. Architectural Model Kits

little building co architectural model kits
Top to bottom: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple, The Guggenheim Museum and The Farnsworth House models.

Based in Australia, Little Building Co, is the brainchild of Marcus Bree. After studying engineering then three dimensional design at college, Marcus began an international career finally settling in Queensland, where he now runs his own design company. Creating little houses seemed like a natural extension to his love of making things, mixing textures and materials and thus, Little Building Co was born.

little building co finished models

It’s clear that Little Building Co did extensive research on the buildings featured in their kits. The completed models capture the lines and details of each building, doing justice to the architects’ true vision, only in miniature. Conscious of the environment, materials are sustainably sourced where possible and the production process produces little to no waste.

DIY architectural models

Recommended for age 15 and up, each can be built in a couple of hours. Not only are these a great way to get lost in a project, but upon completion, you’re left with a beautiful miniature model to display.

DIY farnsworth house model

Acrylic protective display cases, as shown below, are optional for an extra cost.

unity temple model in display case

For those who admire the models, but don’t have the time or inclination to put them together, they do offer a built-to-order Display Collection for purchase, complete with protective acrylic case and display base.

“Architecture is my weakness, books and photographs are great for reference but there is nothing like actually seeing the details in a building and appreciating the space it creates.” – Marcus Bree

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York
Guggenheim wooden modelwood model of the guggenheim

Creating a new precedent for architecture with its spiraling organic form, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, NY is one of the world’s most recognizable buildings. Designed by American architect Frank Lloyd Wright and completed in 1959, the construction of the Guggenheim Museum tested the capabilities of building technology at the time.

little building co Guggenheim modelwooden guggenheim model kit
guggenheim museum model kit
Model Scale 1:500 – Approx 150mm x 110mm x 90mm
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The National Opera House, Sydney
Sydney Opera House wood Model kit

In 1956 the State of New South Wales ran an international competition for a National Opera House at Bennelong Point, Sydney. This attracted more than 220 entries from 32 countries. Jørn Utzon a young Danish architect won the competition and was hailed by the architectural critic Sigfried Giedion as opening a new chapter in contemporary architecture.

Sydney Opera House wooden Model

Completed in 1973 the Opera House is an architectural masterpiece and was included in the National Heritage List in 2005.

National Opera House Sydney Model Kit

Model Scale 1:750 – Approx 295mm x 205mm x 100mm. Weight 1.5kg.
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The Farnsworth House, Plano, Illinois
Faensworth House wood model kit

Designed and constructed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe between 1945 and 1951 the Farnsworth House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2004 and designated a National Historic landmark in 2006. The house is currently owned and operated by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Faensworth House wood model kitFaensworth House Little building co model

This model kit is constructed from Aspen, American Cherry, MDF and acrylic. The kit includes the Black Maple tree which originally grew by the house, this has unfortunately since died.

Faensworth House model
Model Scale 1:150 – Approx W250mm x D150mm x H100mm
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Unity Temple – Oak Park, Illinois
FLW unity temple wood model kit

Unity Temple is one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s earliest works, constructed between 1905 and 1908. Built in Oak Park, Illinois, the experimental design for Unity Temple used poured-in-place reinforced concrete, a material associated at the time with utilitarian buildings.

FLW unity temple modelunity temple flw wood model detail

Because of its intrinsic characteristics of strength and plasticity (the ability to be shaped), concrete enabled Wright to design a building comprised of bold structural forms with integrated ornamentation. Wright also selected a concrete that exposed the aggregate materials from which it was comprised, underscoring concrete itself as a material derived from nature.

unity temple model kitfrank lloyd wright model unity temple

For more than 100 years, the building has continued to be the home of the Unity Temple Unitarian Universalist Congregation. In 1971, Unity Temple was designated a U.S. National Historic Landmark. It is one of eight 20th century buildings included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Model Scale 1:250 – Approx 250mm x 150mm x 70mm (9.8in x 2.5in x 5.9in)
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SC Johnson HQ – Administration Building and Research Tower
SC Johnson HQ model kitmodel building kits

A masterpiece of planning, engineering and material use by Frank Lloyd Wright. Probably one of his most striking structures paying homage to the temples and shrines he experienced while spending time in Japan.

FLW model kits

The low horizontal lines of the building are typical of the Streamlined Moderne style popular at the time. Wright wrote “High time to give our hungry American public something truly ‘streamlined…” Wright integrated into the structure systems to manage natural and artificial light without the use of traditional windows. Visitors entered the building via the carport which celebrated the automobile and took the visitor into the heart of the building. Originally built in two stages our model combines the Administration Building and later Research Tower creating a model of the complete complex.

sc johnson wax hq building model
sc johnson wax hq building model

Model Scale 1:500 – Approx 300mm x 210mm x 90mm. (11.75in x 8.25in x 3.5in)
American Cherry, Aspen, Birch, MDF and acrylic. 167. Pieces, Weight 1.7kg.
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Tate Modern – London
tate modern wood model kittate modern model

The Tate Modern is a complex building originally designed by Giles Gilbert Scott in 1945-7. Once the City of London Electric Lighting Co., it served as power station producing electricity from oil for almost thirty years after which is stood dormant for almost twenty years.

Tate Modern wood model little building co
Tate Modern wood model kit

In the early 1990s the Tate purchased the site and embarked on a monumental project to convert the power station into a gallery. They ran an architectural competition won by the architects Herzog & de Meuron, and the transformation began. The new Tate Modern opened its doors to the public in 2000. An extension was later added to the existing building, again by Herzog & de Meuron.

tate modern model kit boxed

Model Scale 1:1200 – Approx 250mm x 150mm x 100mm
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The brand also offers both an Australian Series and well as the Architectural series we are featuring. Each model comes beautifully boxed with clear easy-to-follow instructions. It’s an ideal gift for any architecture enthusiast.

model of meis van der rohe farnsworth house
Farnsworth House model in Acrylic case

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Little Building Co.

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