More Sophisticated Than Lego and Cooler Than A Jigsaw Puzzle. Model Building Kits by Little Building Co.

Little Building Co. Architectural Model Kits

If you’re tired of jigsaw puzzles, have outgrown LEGO and have an affinity for architecture, Australia’s Little Building Co may be the ultimate adult craft project for you. A series of impressive, but not too difficult, small wooden model kits based on some of the most architecturally significant buildings in the world. Read more

House Lamps by Architect Lauren Daley.

House Lamps by Architect Lauren Daly

Lauren Daley, a San Francisco Bay Area architect is the creator of my new wish list item, the House-Lamp. She started creating the House-Lamps to combine a couple of her greatest joys: making things with her own two hands and architectural design. After being successfully funded on Kickstarter, Daley is now selling three models of these hand-crafted, architecturally inspired luminaries. Read more

Miniature Models of Buildings by Chisel & Mouse Are The Perfect Touch For Architecture Lovers.

chisel & mouse architectural models

Chisel & Mouse Architectural Models began as a collaborative effort started by Robert & Gavin Paisley in 2011. Having gone from hobbyists to professional model makers, they make high quality, handmade resin models of famous structures – from palaces to stadiums – using local UK resources. Read more

Small Scale Models of Decaying Homes Built and Photographed by Ofra Lapid.

Broken Houses by Ofra Lapid

Broken Houses is a series of images of dilapidated and abandoned buildings, destroyed by weather, decay and neglect. Artist Ofra Lapid found photos of these homes and buildings on the web while pursuing an amateur photographer from North Dakota (name not disclosed) who obsessively documents the decaying process of these houses- not unlike these wonderful artists who are also obsessed with decaying and abandonded homes. Ofra then built small scale models of these and photographed them again, omitting the backgrounds and placing them on grey fields. Read more

Two New Modern Architecturally Inspired Dollhouses, The Dylan and the Edward.

architecturally inspired dollhouses

Just in time for the holidays when a new dollhouse makes a wonderful gift for children and adults alike, brinca dada, manufacturers and designers of some of the most beautiful modern dollhouses have released two new products. Read more

Modest, Modern & Marvelous. The Tsuchinoco House by Satoru Inoue.

The Tsuchinoco House

Japanese architect Saturo Inoue designed this modern home, the Tsuchinoco House, tucked up on the hill nestled amongst more traditional and older Japanese homes. Read more

Handcrafted Wooden Trays Inspired By Architectural Facades

above: via Omero 38

Italian architect and designer Michele De Lucchi has created a stunning series of hand crafted wooden wall mountable trays based on architectural facades, called Vassoi da Muro. Read more

New Modern Dollhouse is a Reproduction Of Arne Jacobsen’s Own 1928 Villa

Arne Jacobsen Villa Dollhouse

I suppose it’s the combination of being a female, a wannabe architect and having a predilection for modern design that makes me somewhat obsessed with modern dollhouses. Read more