Lipstick Sculptures by Artist May Sum Will Leave Your Mouth Agape.

maya sum lipstick sculptures

May Sum Lipstick Sculptures. You may have seen some novelty shaped lipsticks such as the cute cat-shaped lipsticks by Paul and Joe and the , but Hong Kong make-up artist, fine artist and illustrator May Sum (aka Maysum) takes the concept of a sculpted and shaped lipstick a step further.

May Sum Lipstick Sculptures

Hand-sculpting individual lipsticks into stunning scenes as well as the likenesses of fashion designers, celebrities, objects and animals, her work in Asia is gaining much attention. But few here in the U.S. are aware of her work… yet.

Take a look at some of her “storytelling” lipstick sculptures.

may sum lipstick carvings

And her Woman Power series which includes carvings of famous and powerful women in the arts, fashion and entertainment industries.

You may recognize some of the above lipsticks carved into the likenesses of fashion icons and celebrities.

lipstick sculptures by may sum

Here’s a few enlarged for you….
Anna Wintour:
Anna Wintour lipstick sculpture

Audrey Hepburn:
Audrey Hepburn lipstick sculpture

Coco Chanel:
coco chanel lipstick sculpture

Iris Apfel:
Iris Apfel lipstick sculpture

Kate Moss:
Kate Moss lipstick sculpture

Lady Gaga:
lady gaga lipstick sculpture

Elizabeth Taylor (as Cleopatra):
liz taylor cleopatra lipstick sculpture

Twiggy lipstick sculpture

Vivienne Westwood:
vivienne westwood lipstick sculpture

In her etsy store, Wahahafactory, she now offers her tailor-made lipstick sculptures. She provides you a choice of lipstick colors from five brands and then sculpts either an object (for $450) or a custom likeness (for $650- price subject to vary).

wahahafactory lipstick art


It takes two weeks and can only be shipped Speedpost or DHL because of its fragility. Remember these are art pieces and are sensitive to climate and handling.

Incredibly multi-talented, she is a makeup artist as well as a wonderful illustrator and sculptor. Follow her on Instagram to stay up with her latest work.

Maysum’s charming illustrations can now be found on various products at Society 6.

images courtesy of the artist, May Sum, The Wahahafactory blog and website and her etsy store.

The Wahahafactory