Cancer Survivor Jazmina Daniel’s Spectacular Lip Art

Make up artist Jazmina Daniel has quite a following on social media and once you see her impressive work and hear her backstory, I’m sure you too will become a fan. Read more

Vlada Haggerty aka Vladamua Has Great MakeUp Licked.

Makeup artist Vlada Haggerty’s fantastic lips are such works of art, she’s inspired artists, bakers and jewelers with her craft. Read more

Lipstick Sculptures by Artist May Sum Will Leave Your Mouth Agape.

maya sum lipstick sculptures

You may have seen some novelty shaped lipsticks such as the cute cat-shaped lipsticks by Paul and Joe and the , but Hong Kong make-up artist, fine artist and illustrator May Sum (aka Maysum) takes the concept of a sculpted and shaped lipstick a step further. Read more