The Limbo Light Collection Is Like Having Cirque de Soleil In Your Home

limbo light collection

Three wild and dramatic indoor light fixtures comprise the Limbo light collection by designer Kenneth Cobonpue. Sculptural human figures of woven copper wire posed as aerialists and suspended from the ceiling provide both art and light.

Limbo Light Collection

Limbo Light Collection

Kenneth Cobonpue’s Limbo Lights are serious light fixtures for large living or dining rooms with high ceilings. From their suspension point, the female figures each dangle just under 5′ from the ceiling.

kenneth cobonpue Limbo Light Collection

If the designer’s name sounds familiar it may be because, as fans of Cobonpue’s unusual furniture, we previously shared with you his Bloom Chair and Operetta Pet Lounge.

Limbo Light Collection

The Chandelier, the Acrobat and the Trapeze are the equivalent to pieces of art that illuminate. Each figure is made of thin copper wires woven into a lattice and floral pattern that, despite their volume and size, makes them feel and look light and airy.

The Chandelier

limbo chandelier

Flying across the room brandishing a contemporary LED Chandelier, this pre-wired fixture weighs 23 lbs and is suspended from the ceiling.

Limbo collection chandelier IIHIH

The Acrobat
Limbo Light Collection

Balancing 10 LED candelabras the Acrobat is true performance art that spans almost 70 from tip to toe.

The Limbo Acrobat as it appears in the AMPM Design offices in India, photo by @ampm_designs

sculptural lighting fixturesLimbo Light Collection acrobat

The Trapeze
Trapeze Limbo Light Collection

Dangling from a bar overhead, the Trapeze artist hoists two black shades with relief of damask whose interior is golden yellow.

kenneth cobonpue limbo light collection


All three lights are available for purchase from Lightology

all images courtesy of Kenneth Cobonpue and Lightology