Totems: Five Floor Lamps Made From Upholstery Foam For Gaudi’s Casa Batlló

totems foam floor lamps

Totems is a collection of floor lamps made from upholstery foam by designer Max Enrich for Antonio Gaudi’s Casa Batlló in Barcelona. The Totems were designed not to blend in or to compliment, but instead to stand out from the historically significant building which is presently offering a 3D immersive tour. Read more

Sunne Light Uses Solar Energy To Let The Sunshine In.

sunne light

Solar power is a science and designer Marjan van Aubel has turned it into a thing of beauty. A suspended window light that brings the glow of a sunset, sunlight or sunrise into your home by harvesting the sun’s energy during the day. Read more

Gelatin Lamps Look Just Like Revolting Vintage Jell-O Recipes

gelatin lamps

Artist Elrod of Mexakitsch has perfected the art of creating some of the most disgusting gelatin recipes from the 50s and casting them in resin, turning them into functional table lamps! Read more

Breaking Bulbs Are 3D Printed Lamps That Appear Smashed.

breaking bulbs 3d lamps

The Breaking Bulbs lighting project is a range of 3D printed lamps by Joakim Christoffersson of Swedish company Gässling. Each of the unusual 3D lamps (a wall, a table/floor and a pendant lamp) is designed to appear as though it’s been frozen in time; captured during that split second in time when an object is destroyed on impact. Read more

Adorable Japonesque Lamps That Look Geisha Heads!

I just love these sweet Japonesque pendant lamps designed by Lorenzo Bozzoli for Dutch brand Moooi. With a silhouette shaped like the chignon-topped wigs worn by Geishas, these glazed ceramic suspension lights are embellished with either a Koi Carp Tattoo or Peach Cherry Blossoms on the interior. Read more

Seletti Turns Illuminated Basilica Dome Sculpture Into Suspension Lamps

Initially designed over two years ago as a limited edition piece, AMeBE Studio‘s hand painted sculpture, “Cupola, e luce fu!”, was illuminated by a sophisticated system of LED lights adjustable via iPhone or iPad. Now, they’ve joined forces with Seletti to produce the Seletti Cupolone, a suspension light shaped like Saint Peter Basilica’s dome in Rome in white or grey resin for the home or office. Read more

Delightfully Unconventional Light Fixtures from Italy

As Designer and Art Director for Karman of Italy, Matteo Ugolini is behind some of the most unique and unconventional light fixtures you can find for commercial or private residences. Which is exactly what he’d set out to do when he started the brand in 2005 along with CEO Davide Diamantini. And they just keep bringing us more. Read more

Zeroombra’s Good Dreams Wall-Mounted Bedside Table Light.

Good Dreams Wall-Mounted Bedside Table Light

Take grandma’s old embroidered doily-covered bedside table and bring it into the present by transforming into a modern metal wall-mounted LED lamp and shelf in multiple colors and you’ve got the Good Dreams light. Read more