Regal Whimsy: The King Edison Pendant Lamp by Young & Battaglia

King Edison Pendant Lamp

Designed by Young & Battaglia, the King Edison pendant lamp combines whimsy with functionality. A tiny functioning chandelier is suspended inside a hand blown clear glass bulb with satin chrome fittings and hung on a braided silken cable. Read more

Pride of Soldiers, A Scabetti Sculpture in A Highly Secure Military Location.

scabetti's pride of soldiers

‘Pride of Soldiers’, this unique three meter diameter sculptural light commissioned for the Land Forces Command Head Quarters in Utrecht, has rarely been seen before due to its highly secure location. Read more

KAWS Designs Signature Light Bulbs for The Standard That You Can Buy For Your Home.

kaws bulbs

The Standard Hotel has announced a Limited Edition series of light bulbs designed specifically for them by artist KAWS. Read more

Once Homes To Dolls, Now Modern Light Fixtures. House Lights by Peter Waltz.

house lights by peter waltz alt

Artist Peter Waltz builds houses. But not the kind you live in, the kind you live with. Read more