The 5 Designers Behind The 6 Lady Gaga VMA Masks.

Lady Gaga VMA Masks

If you happened to catch this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, the true star of the event wasn’t Lady Gaga, as one might expect with her multiple honors, but the Lady Gaga VMA Masks; six different fantastical masks she donned during the event. The face masks worn by the music diva were unlike any we’ve seen before – Covid-worthy or not. Made with horns, leather, steel, studs and even an LED mask, they were custom designed by multiple sources.

Lady Gaga VMA Masks

Lady Gaga VMA Masks

Lady Gaga took home five awards from this year’s VMAs. As always, the outfits she wore while onstage at the MTV Video Music Awards were eye-popping. But it was the unusual face masks she wore while performing and accepting her awards that has everyone abuzz. In total, she donned six different masks made by five different sources to the event. One of the masks and the headpiece/crown were designed by Lance Victor Moore of San Francisco, the LED mask was a feat by Smooth Technology of Brooklyn, the Pink Leather mask by Cecilio Castrillo, the sparkly silver mask by Mety Choa (which was also worn paired with the headpiece by Moore) and later, her own Chromatica mask custom made by Michael Ngo.

lady gaga at brain piano VMA 2020
Lady Gaga performing an a “brain” piano at the MTV Video Music Awards

The Lady Gaga VMA Masks were impossible not to notice and we’ve not only got pics (like everyone does) but we also have the designers and details for you.

1. and 2. The Mask and Headpiece by Lance V. Moore
Inarguably the two wildest looks not only combined art with fashion but they actually provided protection against COVID-19, given they were equipped with a two layers of cotton and room for a sheet inside.

Lance V Moore mask for Lady gaga
Gaga in red horned mask by lance victor moore

The Horned Mask was made using real horn, red pony skin and was embellished with gun metal studs and grommets by San Francisco-based Lance V. Moore.

gaga red horned mask by lance victor moore

The Chrome and Steel “Jellyfish” Mask worn by Gaga (shown below) is a combination of the silver mesh mask by Mety Choa and the metal headpiece by Lance V. Moore.

lady gaga mtv vmas 2020
Chrome and Steel “Jellyfish” Mask

The “jellyfish crown” is available for purchase on his website for $1,100.00

metal headpeice by lance v moore for lady gaga

For more on Moore’s mask designs, visit his website here.
Follow him on Instagram here

3. The Pink Leather Mask by Cecilio Castrillo

lady gaga vma pink leather mask
Pink Leather Mask by Cecilio Castrillo

Worn along with a wild Iris Van Herpen dress, the bright pink leather face piece was created by leather mask designer Cecilio Castrillo. Castrillo has designed previously designed several leather pieces for Madonna and Marilyn Manson. He was also the creator behind the white leather mask worn by Gaga at her World Tour “Born this way Ball.”

pink leather mask with van herpen dress

See all of the Leather work by Cecilio Castrillo here

4. The Silver Mesh Mask by Mety Choa

silver mesh mask lady gaga
Gaga in the Silver Mesh Mask by Mety Choa

The simple sleek silver mesh mask worn by Gaga as she accepted the Artist of the Year Award was made by Indonesian designer Mety Choa of Maison Met. Later in the show, Lady Gaga wore the same mask, paired with the headpiece by Lance V. Moore.

See more fashions by designer Choa at Maison Met

5. The LED mask by Smooth Technology

Lady Gaga LED mask
Gaga in The LED mask by Smooth Technology

The LED mask worn during her performances of Chromatica and Rain On Me was sound-reactive. Designed by the group at Smooth Technology in a single week, it could be remotely operated by the lighting desk to control the color and output.

gaga in smooth technology led mask
Wearing the sound-reactive LED mask by Smooth Technology

smooth technology LED mask for Lady gaga

To learn more about the feature-laden LED face mask, check out Elle magazine’s interview with the designers here or visit Smooth Technology here. 

6. Chromatica Themed Mask by Michael Ngo

gaga in her Chromatica mask at VMAs
Gaga wearing the Chromatica Themed Mask by Michael Ngo

michael ngo chromatica mask for Lady gaga

As she posed for the press with her five MTV VMA trophies, Lady Gaga sported her own Chromatica themed mask made for her by Michael Ngo, embellished with spikes and chains. Michael sells similar masks in his online store here.

lady gaga vma trophies

lady gaga in custom michael ngo mask

See more great masks by Michael Ngo here

images in this post courtesy of Kevin Winter for Getty, Lady Gaga, Lance V. Moore and Michael Ngo