Feminist and Anti-Trump Art That’s As Fun As It Is Furious.

Trump is gross liz haywood

Like us, Atlanta-based artist and designer Liz Haywood hates Donald Trump. That’s how we found her… we saw a painting of hers shared on Instagram by who else but @wefuckinghateDonaldTrump and simply had to see more. We’re so glad we did because Liz’s original paintings and prints, many of which feature feminist messaging aimed at Trump, are infused with energy and fun.

Anti-Trump Art by Liz Haywood

Art by Liz Haywood impeach the mther fucker

A graduate of the Portfolio Center in Atlanta, Haywood worked as a graphic designer for several various apparel and fashion companies before striking out on her own, turning to designing for private clients and painting murals and canvases. A pet-lover who also paints commissioned pet portraits, she began painting murals and artwork with a message after the 2016 elections.

krog street tunnel mural atlanta liz haywood
Krog street tunnel mural in Atlanta by Liz Haywood

She found that painting was one of the few ways where she could point out the things that she felt were inexcusably wrong about President Trump while keeping her from being swallowed up by her anger.

liz haywood paintings

liz haywood don't call me honey

Trying to process how certain men in power (the #45th President, for example) think it’s appropriate to ‘handle’ women in our society. Humor, or painting adorable kittens (symbolic of the president’s boast about what he could get away with), can help keep me from getting absolutely irate while at the same time pointing out things that are WRONG.- Liz

stop shootin em by liz haywood

fingers flipping off liz haywood

She uses a combination of spray paint, thickly layered house paint and acrylic highlights to bring her mural art to canvases. Channeling her frustration into creativity, Liz has depicted everything from messages against pussy-grabbing to a portrait of Elizabeth Warren as a Bad Ass with large, energetic painterly strokes, often combined with colorful typography.

elizabeth warren bad ass by Liz Haywood

Liz Haywood don't grab us painting

fuck-off- liz haywood ptg

grumpycat don't grab us ptg

liz haywood FU painting

Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art have been the two most influential movements for me. I use spray paint, gouache and acrylic pens to make graffiti-style artwork. – Liz

we fucking hate donald trump painting liz haywood

You can find her original paintings for sale here.  She also offers various sized prints of some of her more popular pieces here.

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all images courtesy of Liz Haywood