Bricksy: Banksy Art Recreated In Lego

banksy art recreated with lego hero IIHIH

The brand new Bricksy series of LEGO dioramas created by award-winning photographer Jeff Friesen are simply fabulous.

Banksy Art Recreated In LEGO

Banksy Art Recreated In Lego
Left: Bansky art and right: recreated with LEGO by Jeff

Banksy art recreated in LEGO. From Bansky’s Flower Thrower to his Kissing Coppers, 20 of the elusive street artist’s stenciled graffiti works have been recreated by Jeff Frieson using LEGO bricks. Here’s a look at all 20 of them.


banksy done in lego

Banksy Art Recreated In LEGO

Banksy Art Recreated In LEGO

Banksy Art Recreated In LEGO

bansky art recreated with lego

Banksy Art Recreated In LE

Banksy Art Recreated In LE

banksy art with lego

Banksy Art Recreated In LE

Banksy Art Recreated In LE

Banksy Art Recreated In LE

8′ x 10′ photo prints (larger upon request) of these are available for purchase here

A hardcover book of the dioramas is now available for purchase:
bricksy book

buy the book here

How did a serious photographer start creating Lego dioramas?

Jeff explains in his own words:

In my other life I’m a serious award-winning photographer, much given to brooding and brow-furrowing. That part of my life is known as “Bert.” Every summer I look after my elementary school-aged daughter in the afternoons. She doesn’t care for too much serious stuff so we do fun things instead, such as playing with toys. That part of my life is known as “Ernie.”

above: Jeff and his daughter June

The thing is, “Bert” never completely disappears, and he wants toy playing to have a purpose. As a compromise “Bert” and “Ernie” eventually joined forces. My daughter and I continue to play with toys, but we also set up a little table-top photo studio where we could make toy dioramas and take pictures of them. It’s serious fun.

Our first photo project combined dollhouse furniture with plastic animals. You can see that work here.

LEGO was the chosen toy of summer 2013. While June made a series of high-concept scenes involving crocodiles, werewolves, and tennis players, I noticed that by combining two LEGO minifigures it was possible create a feathered-haired, mustachioed classic-rocker of the sort that still populate my hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

For a laugh I decided to make a complete LEGO Manitoba scene, which soon led to a series of all the Canadian provinces. Since there are only 10 provinces the fun ended too soon. I lived in the United States for a couple of years and wondered if it would be possible to make LEGO scenes for all 50 States…a much harder task given the limitations of June’s brick collection. Summer ended but work continued on the 50 States of LEGO when I could find the time. The series was eventually completed in November and posted to a secret section of my main web site. Before long the work appeared on the Huffington Post, Wired, Buzzfeed, Mashable, and ABC News, and continues to make its way around the internet.

United States of LEGO, the book, has been released by Skyhorse Publishing. It contains over forty exclusive new images. Buy it here

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