I’ll Be Back. On My $38,000 Bike. Five Hybrid Luxury Terminus Bikes from M55.

Terminus Bikes

If Optimus Prime and The Terminator had a child, it’d be the Terminus by M55. Founded in 2006, the Hungary-based M55 Hybrid Bike company builds cutting edge hybrid electric bicycles using the best technologies and materials available.

Terminus Hybrid Luxury Bikes

Titanium, carbon fibre, custom airbrushing and even Swarovski crystals are used in the construction of these mean-looking electric machines. And at a price of $36,000 – $39,000 per bike, these are made for a discriminating, and wealthy, bunch.

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After many months and numerous prototypes (they tried different high-tech frame materials, components, batteries but none of them had worked to their liking), the Terminus, their flagship bike, finally launched in May 2011.

M55 Bikes are driven by brushless electric motors which were designed by using a FEM software to create a light motor with the best performance. The efficiency of the M55 bike – depending on operating mode – is over 90%.

M55 bikes

The energy to the motor is provided by 8 specially placed A123 battery cells. These occupy the greater part of the self-supporting frame’s internal volume. The capacity and performance of these special cells is much higher than anything available in presently produced e-bikes. The electric motor of the M55 bike only uses 60 A at maximum, so the expected life cycle of these cells will be very long. The manufacturer guarantees 1000 charge and discharge cycles with no more than 9% loss in performance. Another great advantage of this battery cell, that it can be charged to 80% of its capacity in just 60 minutes.

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The Terminus bike comes in five editions; the Classic, the Biceps, the Airbrush, the Royal (with Swarovski Crystals) and the Prime. Special editions, built to an individual customer’s desires, are available.

Terminus Classic Edition

The Classic series is the cleanest representative of our 6 year evolutionary journey, equipped with White Brothers double crown fork, the color of the bike is dominated by the silvery color of CNC’d 7075 Aluminum and the natural anthracite texture of the carbon-fiber battery container and fenders.


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Our patented single-arm front-suspension design is a true extravaganza. Buttery smooth travel, rigid CNC machined Aluminum base reinforced with carbon-fiber and the resemblance of a human arm. Besides the extraordinary design, the prime advantage of this suspension is the elimination of brake-dive effect, enhancing safety while braking – especially on steep slopes.


The Terminus Classic’s technical artistry enhanced with fine arts of an airbrush artist.

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M55 Termminus Bike

Let it be a tagline, a name, a logo, or a full-surface texture, we can make it happen. With this edition the Terminus becomes a ‘white canvas’ that is covered with our client’s imagination.



Shining Swarovski crystals, gemstones of your choice, even diamonds and golden or silver carbon textures are also options on the carbon-fiber components. This is the Royal Edition: true individual luxury.

Terminus Royal Edition bike with Swarovski Crystals

Terminus Royal Edition bike with Swarovski Crystals

Terminus Royal Edition bike

The new, improved CNC machined frame is decorated with sparkling crystals from the world-famous Austrian company and installed silver and golden carbon fibre top layers are placed on the Terminus’ battery container box and both mudguards.

Above: Terminus Biceps shown

This is the ‘no limit’ version of the Terminus. Nomen est omen – whatever our client requests, we make it happen. Combination of the Biceps, Royal and Airbrush edition in one bike? No problem. ?Exclusively produced one of a kind models for the V.I.P.

Terminus is a hybrid bike with not only extraordinary performance but also a stunning outlook as well. The motor power and battery capacity is well over the industry standard and a truly futuristic design makes the rider feel like they’re steering a spaceship. The hybrid drive fuses two ‘green’ energies: human and electric power; meaning the motor is not a substitute to your human power but an addition.

The Terminus is a mountain bike designed for cross-country use. This ride represents state of the art in its every detail. Reaching speeds of up to 65KPH, the riding sensation cannot be compared to anything else – it tricks your mind and you will feel almost superhuman. The M55 is a limited edition product with only a handful of units expected to be made by the manufacturer.

Their bikes are custom tailored to their client’s taste, so the shipping time depends on the date of the actual order.

Terminus Bicycles

Models and prices in Euro / USD (Subject to change):
• M55 Terminus Classic edition – from 25.555 € / 31.500 CHF / $36,200 (excluding VAT, including free shipping worldwide)

• M55 Terminus Airbrush edition – from 28.888 € / 35.600 CHF / $38,500 (excluding VAT, including free shipping worldwide)

• M55 Terminus Biceps edition – from 28.888 € / 35.600 CHF / $38,500 (excluding VAT, including free shipping worldwide)

• M55 Terminus Royal edition – from 28.888 € / 35.600 CHF / $38,500 (excluding VAT, including free shipping worldwide)

• M55 Terminus Prime edition – Your imagination defines the borders at this model only.

Please note that M55 Bike donates to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation’s actions for the preservation of our environment when a piece of M55 Terminus is sold.

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