The Only Time Rust Looks Good On A Car. The Art Of Bo Lundvang.

Bo lundvang car art

Bo Lundvang Car Art. Swedish artist and automotive enthusiast uses a fast-oxidizing process to create “rustings” metal car art.

Today’s NY Times featured an article about the automotive art by Swedish writer and artist Bo Lundvang which prompted us to look further into his artwork.

The “rustings” as he calls them begin with a rendering of the desired image in a computer program. The finished image is sent to a vinyl cutter that produces a stencil from a large piece of adhesive vinyl, which Mr. Lundvang then affixes to a piece of bare steel measuring roughly three feet long and 1½ feet tall. With the stencil in place, the artist applies a process — “my own little secret,” he said, refusing to say more — that speeds the oxidization and regulates the formation of rust. When the stencil is removed, the image stands in smooth, gray steel against a background of deeply textured rust. Lastly, the entire work is covered in a sealing agent to protect against further oxidization.

Koenigsegg CCX:
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Lamborghini Aventador:
Lamborghini Aventador artbo lundvang art

’69 Dodge Charger:
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The works, of which he creates no more than two each month, are for sale on his web site, with prices for predesigned work starting at $1,500. (subject to change) and special commissions costing more.

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