Hypnotizing Animations by Andreas Wannerstedt

andreas wannerstedt NFTs

Stockholm based digital artist and art director Andreas Wannerstedt crafts unique 3D sculptures and mesmerizing looping animations that he sells as NFT Art.

Andreas Wannerstedt Proportions

His “Proportions” are a series of large synchronized animations that can only be described as hypnotizing. Fluid looping interactions between space and shape take you into the manufactured perfection of physics, movement and predictability. The perpetual motion combined with the sound design is enough to induce a trance. Each has sound design created for the piece, so make sure your volume is on!

Face Me XL, Sound design by @kambizaghdam:

Face Me S, Sound design by @kitchenshelf:

Sliding Zeus, Sound design by @resonatelondon:

The Annuciation In Rotation XL (based on sculpture by Sigrid Blomberg), Sound design by @kitchenshelf:

The Carousel XL, Sound design by @kitchenshelf:

The Hunter XL, Sound design by @resonatelondon

During the last 15 years he’s been doing commissioned work for many of the worlds most recognizable brands and his animations have fascinated millions of viewers around the world.

Andreas Wannerstedt offers some of his artworks as NFTs on the following platforms:
Wannerstedt on Nifty Gateway
Wannerstedt on SuperRare
Wannerstedt on Makersplace

You can also purchase some of his framed videos, like the one above, here at Infinite Objects

Follow him on Instagram @wannerstedt

See his website here