Icon Bricks Are Sterling Silver And Gemstone Lego Like Jewelry & Cuff Links.

Icon LEGO Jewelry Collection

A lot of crafty people (and I mean skilled craftsmen not deceitful or underhanded people) have created jewelry inspired by or made from LEGO® blocks. But many of them are either plastic or metal, giving them a novelty and juvenile look and feel. Then there’s the Icon Brick Jewelry Collection.

Icon Brick Jewelry Collection

Icon Brick Jewelry Collection
above: sterling silver Icon cufflinks are the grown-up and upscale version of Legos for men.

The sterling silver Icon collection by jewelry designer Max Steiner is one of the more elegant and tasteful versions of the jewelry homage to the childhood favorite. Available with real gemstones, the sterling silver pieces are fine jewelry with a fun flair.

lego jewelry

Available as thick or thin Icon Brick pendants /necklaces, cufflinks and earrings, the Legos aka blox aka bricks are cast in sterling silver and faithful to the classic toy’s design in front and back:

sterling silver LEGO pendantIcon Brick Jewelry Collection

The pieces are available in plain sterling silver or inset with emeralds, rubies or black diamonds:
sterling silver and gem LEGO earringsmax steiner jewelry

In addition to the actual pieces, the packaging for the necklaces and earrings is a custom hand-crafted and laser engraved Mahogany box:

Sterling Lego jewelryIcon Brick Jewelry Collectionsterling silver lego pendants

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