The Meth Lab From TV’s Breaking Bad Is Impressively Reconstructed In Legos.

Breaking Bad Meth Lab Made of Legos

A crafty brick builder has recreated the Meth lab from the TV drama Breaking Bad, complete with minifigs. Read more

Lego Wars: Pop Culture Meets Luxury Brands In Chromogenic Prints by Dale May.

Dale Mays Lego Wars
above: V3PO Louis Vuitton by Dale May

Photographer Dale May‘s LEGO WARS at the Samuel Owen Gallery are a collection of photo that combine popular culture with commercial imagery and luxury brands. LEGO Star Wars minifigs juxtaposed against Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Tory Burch logos – even set against the famous Tiffany Robin’s Egg Blue, are produced as chromogenic prints and face mounted to archival acrylic backed with aluminum. Read more

Icon Bricks Are Sterling Silver And Gemstone Lego Like Jewelry & Cuff Links.

Icon Brick Jewelry Collection

A lot of crafty people (and I mean skilled craftsmen not deceitful or underhanded people) have created jewelry inspired by or made from Lego® blocks. But many of them are either plastic or metal, giving them a novelty and juvenile look and feel. Read more