Human Hair Necklaces by Kerry Howley

Human Hair Necklaces by Kerry Howley

Kerry Howley is a contemporary jeweller and jewellery artist recently graduated with a First Class BA Hons Jewellery and Accessories degree from Middlesex University. She is fascinated by the power materials have to influence our emotional response to jewellery, with a particular interest in how these emotions can be conflicting and as a result, we bring you the human hair necklaces by Kerry Howley . Read more

Re-imagined Georg Jensen Ad Campaign by Inge Jacobsen

re-imagined Georg Jensen ad campaign by Inge Jacobsen

Georg Jensen has taken an artsy risk by re-releasing a previous photographic ad campaign for their Scandinavian jewelry and housewares, only now the photos have been embellished with the handiwork of artist Inge Jacobsen. Read more

Icon Bricks Are Sterling Silver And Gemstone Lego Like Jewelry & Cuff Links.

Icon Brick Jewelry Collection

A lot of crafty people (and I mean skilled craftsmen not deceitful or underhanded people) have created jewelry inspired by or made from Lego® blocks. But many of them are either plastic or metal, giving them a novelty and juvenile look and feel. Read more

Denmark’s Anne Black Launches Her Ceramics & Jewelry In The U.S.

Copenhagen-based ceramist Anne Black graduated from Kolding School of Design in 1996 and was told to “go find a real job.” Fifteen years later, she and her husband Jesper heads up a multi-million kroner enterprise with production facilities in Vietnam and a porcelain brand that’s second only to Royal Copenhagen. Except Anne Black’s contemporary and playful designs are entirely crafted by hand, using natural materials, and the company’s approach is decidedly personal, fair trade and earth-friendly. Read more

Home Decor For The Body – Mary Katrantzou Spring 2011 Collection

Athens born designer Mary Katrantzou, whose first collection I previously shared with you here has ‘decorated’ the female form with her stunning Spring 2011 RTW collection [ all the pieces of which are shown later in the post]. Caning as ruffles, lampshade-like skirts, trains reminiscent of curtains, candelabras as jewelry and textiles printed with photos from ’60s and ’70s issues of Architectural Digest have turned her fashions into wearable home decor. Read more

Mia van Beek Turns Your Kid’s Art Into Actual Jewelry, Keychains & Bookmarks.

Jewelry designer Mia van Beek of Formia Design has come up with a way to turn your children’s art into fabulous everlasting mementos in the form of pendants, charm bracelets, earrings, brooches, keychains and bookmarks. Read more

Real Road Kill Bracelets by Metalsmith, Jeweler and Taxidermist Lucy Jenkins.

One of the best uses of Road Kill I’ve ever seen. These unusual and surprisingly attractive bracelets were made by award-winning metalsmith/jeweler/taxidermist Lucy Jenkins.

The gold-plated and sterling silver Road Kill Fur bangles are lined with fur sourced from actual Road kill and engraved with the Latin name of the animal and the road from which it was sourced. The Road Kill Range attempts to create a new way of wearing ethical fur for aesthetic purposes.

Oryctolagus Cuniculus (rabbit), found on the A3052 – Gold Plate, Road Kill Rabbit Fur:

“NO ANIMALS WERE KILLED FOR THE PURPOSE OF THESE PIECES” is actually printed on the lid of the presentation box for the bracelets.

Lupus Americanus (hare), found on the B3212 – Gold Plate, Road Kill Hare Fur:

The above two bracelets were available for purchase at Luna and Curious but have been sold out.

Other bracelets from the range (no longer available):
Oryctolagus Cuniculus B3180 – Solid Silver, Road Kill Rabbit Fur:

images courtesy of the artist and Luna and Curious

Lucy Jenkins

Growing Rings & Necklaces by HAF, Now Available

Talk about your green thumb. Or rather, finger. Hafsteinn Juliusson is an Industrial/Interior designer from Reykjavik, Iceland living and working in Milano, Italy who has come up with the idea of combining living organisms with sterling silver jewelry.

Growing Jewelry from HAF, designed by Hafsteinn Juliusson
Growing Rings and necklaces are a mix of jewelry and plant, couture and organism. The rings and pendants hold actual living greenery and are now available in limited production. This collection is a handmade product made in Iceland and all pieces are made out of molded silver.

The images you see below are available. Other sizes are available by special request.

The Rings:

The Necklaces:

Rings like the one shown above are available by special request only.
above photos by Harpa Hödd, Saga Sigurðardóttir and Sóley Þórisdóttir

It is important to take care of the Growing Jewelry. For best results water it only once every 5 weeks and be careful not to water too much. It’s also good to store the ring in deep freeze to preserve it. The moss can stay green for up to 8 – 12 months but Hafsteinn Juliusson takes no responsibility for that 🙂

The rings and necklaces can be purchased directly from the designer here.
Or from Gnr8.