Hot Design and Branding For A Cold Product: Batch Ice Cream

Batch Ice Cream Branding

The Ice Creamists and Eyescream and Friends are only two of the newer ice cream companies to have unique and fun branding. Meet Boston’s Batch Ice Cream.

above: Batch Ice Cream founders Veronica Janssens and Susie Parrish

Founded in 2009 and launched in 2010 by native Bostonian Susie Parrish and Netherlands-born Veronica Janssens, Batch Ice Cream is ice cream made completely from scratch, using only real ingredients. By “real”, they mean there’s nothing in there with a crazy name, like xanthan gum or carrageenan or even corn syrup. The two worked with many local and Fair Trade suppliers to find just the right ingredients for their natural, pure and unique flavors.

Batch Ice Cream Branding

Now with seven delicious flavors and a mobile food truck, Batch Ice Cream has been receiving a lot of favorable press in the Boston area. Not yet available outside of New England, the simplicity and purity of the product is conveyed through their chalkboard-illustrated packaging and branding.


Mobile Truck:

Point of Purchase:

Info Cards:


Their new website, created by the Boston office of Arnold Worldwide, utilizes the chalkboard typography and look in an easy-to-navigate, charming and informative fashion.

Below are examples of the website’s design and interface:

Pints of Batch Ice Cream can be found in grocery stores and other shops throughout New England – look here for the list of shops that carry batch®

Batch Ice Cream
images courtesy of Batch Ice Cream, The Boston Globe and The Dieline.