Fly Me To The Moon Fantasia Is Edible Art Made of Bean Paste

Japanese confectionary store Nagato launched a limited edition, fantastical edible treat, Fly Me To The Moon Fantasia, and even though it doesn’t ship until January 25th. it’s already sold out. Once when you see it, you’ll know why. Read more

Hot Design and Branding For A Cold Product: Batch Ice Cream

Batch Ice Cream Branding

The Ice Creamists and Eyescream and Friends are only two of the newer ice cream companies to have unique and fun branding. Meet Boston’s Batch Ice Cream. Read more

Harmonious Design. Virtuoso, The Board Game Of Musical Proficiency.

Virtuoso board game

The Virtuoso board game is a music theory game designed by graphic designer and illustrator Caleb Heisey.  Read more

Limited Edition Typography Scrabble For Designers, Typohiles and Font Lovers.

Limited Edition Typography Scrabble

A special edition of the classic Scrabble board game made of solid walnut wood tiles which each feature a variety of fonts has been created by Andrew Clifford Capener. Read more

From Classic Lalique To The New Starck Version – A Look At All The L’Air Du Temps Bottles Since 1948.

All The L'Air Du Temps Bottles Since 1948

It was announced a few days ago that the classic Nina Ricci perfume bottle for the L’Air du Temps fragrance spray has been redesigned by omnipresent designer Philippe Starck as a special limited edition. Read more

Gut Oggau Puts Their Best Face Forward. On Their Wines.

Gut Oggau wine labels

These wine labels caught my eye over on Notcot about a month ago, so I looked into it a little more and wanted to share this unique family winery and their fun branding by Jung Von Matt with you. Read more

Bond no. 9 Bottle Design Competition: Make Sure Yours Doesn’t Stink

Bond no. 9 Bottle Design Competition

You may or may not be familiar with Bond no.9. Recognizable by the unique bottle design, Bond no.9 makes 34 different fragrances inspired by the city of New York. Read more