Harvey Nichols Hilariously Markets Christmas Shopping To The Selfish This Season.

Harvey Nichols Sorry, I Spent It On Myself

They say it’s better to give than to receive, but not at the marketing department in Harvey Nichols. Their new hilarious holiday campaign, ‘Sorry, I Spent It On Myself’ offers a range of ‘Ultra Low Net Worth’ (ULNW) gifts for those customers who understand that a little something for their nearest and dearest means a bigger something for themselves.

Harvey Nichols Sorry, I Spent It On Myself

harvey nichols sorry I spent it campaign

above: The tongue-in-cheek product range designed for the campaign includes mundane items like toothpicks, canned goods and gravel

The Harvey Nichols Christmas Commercials:
The campaign began with a teaser / preview of the new ULNW collection:

The above teaser was followed up with the commercial shown below in which, scene by scene, we begin to discover that in each case the suspiciously well-dressed gift-giver appears to have spent more time and money on themselves at Harvey Nichols, than on their loved ones, instead offering a present from the Harvey Nichols ULNW Gift Collection:

‘At this time of year it can be all too easy to get caught up in the spirit of giving. We hope that our new ‘Sorry, I Spent It On Myself’ Gift Collection will provide our customers with low-cost gifting options for others that will allow them to spoil themselves that little bit more this Christmas.’ said Julia Bowe, the Group Press & Marketing Director of Harvey Nichols

The full Harvey Nichols ‘Sorry, I Spent It On Myself’ Gift Collection
With a varied and competitively priced selection, there’s something for everyone; a Plastic Door Stop for Mum; Non-Swiss Biro Pen for Dad; and nothing quite says Merry Christmas like a packet of Authentic Lincolnshire Gravel.

harvey nichols christmas campaign

The ‘Sorry, I Spent It On Myself’ Gift Collection became available in store and online starting Wednesday, November 27th. Sadly all online versions of these items are already sold out:

– Christmas Lunch in a Tin (with most of the trimmings)
– Non-Swiss Biro Pen, 81p
– Real Plastic Door Stop, £1.43
– Elastic Band Gift Set, £1
– Authentic Lincolnshire Gravel, £1.61
– Metal Plated Paper Clips, 99p
– See-Through Glass Salt Cellar, £1.73
– Sink Plug (Water Resistant), £1.13
– Multi-Bristled Toothbrush, 95p
– Toothpicks (100% Wood), 47p
– Genuine Wire Sponge, 96p

“This Christmas, a little something for them means a bigger something for you”
If you visit their special website, you will find, in addition to the commercial, a little slide show comparing the ULNW gifts side by side with something you could splurge on for yourself:

They also offer a free downloadable no frills “Sorry, I spent it on myself” Christmas card:
sorry in spent it on myself
download the card here

Make your wish list here


client: Harvey Nichols
Advertising Agency: adam&eve DDB, London, UK
Creative Directors: Richard Brim, Daniel Fisher
Published: November 2013