Handcrafted Wooden Trays Inspired By Architectural Facades

wooden architectural trays by michele de lucchi

Italian architect and designer Michele De Lucchi has created a stunning series of hand crafted wooden wall mountable trays based on architectural facades, called Vassoi da Muro.

Wooden Trays of Architectural Facades
vassoi da muro

Each of the seven “Vassoi da Muro” wooden trays, is titled so as to suggest an actual address on a street named after an ancient Greek or Latin poet that De Lucchi admires.

wooden tray facade via Orazio 59
via Orazio 59

In De Lucchi’s own words:

Michele deLucchi

“Trays can be beautiful objects but are often ignored, mainly because people don’t know where to put them as they tend to occupy too much space. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a practical corner to stow them in.”

Wooden trays inspired by architectural facades
above: via Omero 38

The wall trays are a new category of exquisitely handcrafted wooden trays that can be hung on the wall as architectural models. But they can also be used in every respect as service trays.

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These trays are designed to be hung on the wall and when not in use they become artworks of beauty. So their normally humble purpose is transformed into a dignified opportunity to represent the fronts of buildings, with windows, doors and balconies – as in a fully fledged architectural office with models scattered about on tables and hanging on walls.

Below are the beautiful little water color sketches of the facades by De Lucchi.

watercolor and pencil sketches by de lucchi IIHIH
michele de lucchi, water color sketches, 2009

Relative size:

michele de lucchi produzione privata

The trays have been produced by Michele’s own company Produzione Privata.

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