Add Some Body Hair To Your Wardrobe, Courtesy Of Nutty Tarts.

nutty tarts hairy underwear

I have written about beautifully hairy bodies before when I introduced you to several sexy hairy chests and a new book.

Now, Nutty Tarts, a female design duo in Finland, brings us additional body hair in the form of underwear, leggings and a wife-beater tank. The white wardrobe staples with screen-printed chest hair, leg hair and pubic hair are simply hilarious.

nutty tarts hairy clothes quad IIHIH

They offer three different “hairy” products, all screen printed on white organic cotton (95% organic cotton, 5% lycra).

Hairy slim fit sleeveless undershirt for women and men with screen-printed chest hair. €35.00

Hairy hipster panties with screen-printed pubic hair for women. €25.00

Hairy leggings for women with screen-printed hair on the lower legs. €35.00

Or get the whole Hairy Set!

Hairy Underwear Collection by Nutty Tarts €95.00

The set includes:
* Hairy Panties
* Hairy Undershirt
* Hairy Leggings
* Bad Face Day paper bag or Bad Day paper bag (another one of their clever products)
* a gift box (optional)
If you order the whole set you will automatically get 5€ discount. The gift box is for free.

And now they’ve added some for babies!

Shop for any of the above items here.

About Nutty Tarts:

Nutty Tarts (in Finnish, Tärähtäneet ämmät) is a Finnish art duo that offers its customers high-quality design products. Nutty Tarts, Mrs Katriina Haikala and Mrs Vilma Metteri, have been working together since year 2007 and their goal have ever since been “to do things like they have never been done before”. In this case things include design products, performances and artpieces.

Nutty Tarts work and live in Helsinki, Finland.

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