Bonnsu Centerpiece Lamps : Customizable, Cordless and Creative

Bonnsu Centerpiece Lamps

I came across Bonnsu’s portable and customizable lamp while looking for some wireless outdoor lighting other than those ugly faux led tea lights and candles. Bonnsu’s decorative centerpiece lamps can be charged with a USB, last for 7 hours and have interchangeable “petals’ so you can create many different styles and atmospheres.

Bonnsu Centerpiece Lamps

Bonnsu Centerpiece Lamps
atmosphere duo

Although their attempt at getting funding via Kickstarter was unsuccessful, they are selling the lamps at a discounted price on their own site. The contemporary lamp, which is available in two sizes, is a cylindrical design that holds 7 furled translucent patterned sheets giving you the freedom to create endless decorative looks and moods.

putting the lamp together IIHIH
Centerpiece+Packaging IIHIH

The video below explains it very clearly.

Perfect for the backyard:

Or weddings:

The Mini Version:
mini lamp on white IIHIH
mini3 IIHIHmini1 IIHIH
mini2 IIHIH
current mini selections
Dimensions for Mini Lamp: Tall 20cm, Diameter 23cm

The Large Version:
Faux marble
current selections
Dimensions for Large Lamp: Tall 32cm, Diameter 23cm

You can charge the lamp by using USB cable like charging your phone, it will fully charge after 3 hours and will stay at least 7 hours without the cable.

Materials: PET, PP, ABS (all parts are easily to separate and recycle.)

Order the Centerpiece Table Lamp in Large or Mini