Hairvetica Alphabet & Other Wild Typography by Vladimir Koncar.

vladimir Koncar type design

Condoms, pubic hair, cigarette butts, raw meat, pills, Gummi Bears, beer caps, cactus, four leaf clovers and more are used to comprise complete alphabets in a typography project by Croation designer Vladimir Koncar.

Typography by Vladimir Koncar

Typography by Vladimir Koncar

Diary Type is a personal typographic diary that Vladimir started as a experiment in 2007. He collects various objects and from them form the letters of the alphabet. With those letters he writes his thoughts down and they are a symbolic link between the font and the reflections.

Hairvetica – an alphabet designed from actual pubic hair (whose? I do not know):
hairvetica font
pubic hair font
Condom Alphabet:
used condom font
condom fonttypeface made with condoms
i hate condoms spelled out in condoms
Cigarette Butt Alphabet:
cigarette butt alphabet
cigarette butt font
cigarette typeface
i need a smoke spelled out in cigarettes
Pill Alphabet:
Pill alphabet
letters made of pill capsules
pill alphabet
taking prescription medication doesn't help me
Raw Meat Alphabet:
raw meat alphabet
raw meat font
raw meat typeface
we kill too many amimals spelled out in meat
Gummi Bear Alphabet:

gummi bear alphabet
letters made with gummi bears
the unbearable sweetness of typography
Beer Cap Alphabet:
beer cap alphabet
bottle cap font
bottle cap typeface
drinking make me happy
Cactus Alphabet:
cactus alphabet
cactus alphabet
type made of cacti
typography hurts
Four Leaf Clover Alphabet:
four leaf clover alphabet
clover font
four leaf clover typeface
spelled out on four leaf clovers
Vladimir Koncar:
typographer Vladimir Koncar
All images used with express permission from Valdimir Koncar.

To see his alphabets made of soil, paper clips, daffodils, beans, teabags and toothpicks, check out his site.