Pretty Bottled Dry Gins Dedicated To Frida Kahlo by Ginarte.

Frida Kahlo Botanical Gins from Ginarte

Alcohol and art often make good bedfellows. I’m always excited to see when bottles, labels and packaging are as thoughtfully considered as the liquid they hold. Such is the case with these two pretty bottled and packaged Frida Kahlo gins from Ginarte. Both serve as a tribute to the legendary female Mexican artist.

The Frida Kahlo Gins

Frida Kahlo
artist Frida Kahlo

The Botanical gins dedicated to Frida come in two variants. “The Life of an Icon” and “Dedicated to Frida” are both sold as single bottle with a gift box.

Frida Ginsfrida kahlo gin bottles

Ginarte Dry Gin – Dedicated To Frida
frida kahlo gin 1 IIHIH
Dedicated to Frida was the first to be produced and is available in two sizes: a 500ml and a 700ml with a starting price of €29,50

Ginarte Dry Gin – Life Of An Icon
Ginarte frida kahlo gins
The Life of an Icon is the second special edition from Ginarte. This tribute to the fascinating and intense life of Frida Kahlo is only available in the 700 ml size priced at €39,50

Making the Gin:
Distilled and bottled in Italy, Ginarte is a dry gin made with 13 botanicals. Picked only in select areas of the Apennines of Tuscany, the juniper berries are infused in 65% pure wheat alcohol and then distilled in a discontinuous vacuum alembic still to preserve even the most delicate of its aromas.

botanical gin

Five rare and precious botanicals (Calamint, Safflower, Mignonette, Rubia, Indigo) are infused separately in 55% pure wheat alcohol and then distilled, separately, in a small, non-vacuum, discontinuous alembic still.

Other botanicals (Wild celery, Lavender, Hibiscus, Elderflower, Pine buds, Mountain pine and Pine Needles) are then infused, all together, in 55% pure wheat alcohol. The resulting infusion is then distilled in a small, non-vacuum discontinuous alembic still.

Ginarte bottle back

The distillates of the three infusions are then blended together and left to rest for a few days, after which ultra-pure water of glacial origin is added to bring the alcohol content to 44%. It is then passed through low-temperature (-7°C) filters made of very pure cellulose that hold back any oily particles that may have remained in the mixture. Ginarte is now ready to be bottled.

Shop the Frida Kahlo Gins at Ginarte or your finer liquor retailers.

Where to get it in the US?
Several large alcohol retailers carry it in the U.S. such as Total Wine and More, Cask Cartel

all images courtesy of Ginarte, Italy.

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