Francis Ford Coppola’s Three New Limited Edition Wines for Film Lovers

francis ford coppola new director's great movie wines

The collection of Director’s wines were created to honor Francis Ford Coppola’s two great loves: wine and film. The Northern California winery has added to the Director’s family with a new line-up of three limited-edition wines inspired by directors and movies that Francis holds in greatest admiration; King Kong, The Wizard of Oz and JAWS. Read more

Viña Luparia Wines Beautifully Branded To Revolve Around Wolves

Viña Luperia Wines

Spain’s Viña Luparia wines each tell a story through their beautifully designed labels and packaging. Inspired by the social structure of a ‘pack’, the focal point of each wine in the Viña Luparia universe is a wolf, ranging from the Inuit legend of Amarok, to the mythological Lykaon, to Little Red Riding Hood Read more

Wicked Wines For Halloween. Seventeen Of The Frightfully Finest Wines, Bottle and Label Designs.

Halloween Wines

A round-up of 17 beautifully designed (and highly rated) bottled wines with ghoulish names and wicked labels that will put the scare into your All Hallows’Eve. Read more

Drunk With Talent. The Fin Bec Winery Invites 8 Artists To Paint Special Labels.

Fin Bec Winery Invites 8 Artists To Paint Special Labels


On a beautiful sunny day in Sion, the wine region of southern Switzerland, eight graffiti and street artists from all over the world gathered for a fun project. Each artist was given a “canvas” made up of 84 wooden wine cases and asked to create an artful interpretation of any wine out of the myFINBEC collection. The final images produced by each of the eight artists are featured on the label of the bottles of their choosing which are sold by the half-case. Read more