Forrest Rodts Immortalizes His Nantucket Summers In Acrylics.

forrest rodts nantucket paintings

Using acrylic paints, artist Forrest Rodts captures his own childhood summers on Nantucket in artworks that will stir your own memories of summers past.

Forrest Rodts Nantucket Paintings

forrest rodts nantucket beach paintings
Forrest Rodts, “Slight Breeze” 2020 12 x 24 acrylic on board

A few weeks ago we introduced you to the beach paintings of Dutch artist Fred van der Wal. Like van der Wal, the beach as subject matter makes up a large part of Rodts’ oeuvre. But these are the Nantucket beaches upon which the artist spent his summers growing up. He uses color, light and composition to depict the long days on New England’s coastline in a manner that makes you feel the sand-between-your-toes and the sun kissing your shoulders. It’s clear these are memories the artist cherishes, based upon his meticulous attention to detail.

forrest rodts beach paintings
“Sandals”, 18 x 36″
forrest rodts Beach Bus
“Beach Bus”, 12 x 24″

Forrest Rodts paintings are painted in the realism style but the palette is stylized with clean and saturated colors that emulate golden hour, early mornings and summer nights.

nantucket sunset painting by
“Setting Sun”, 12 x 24″
forrestrodts “Until Next Time” 2020 16 x 20 acrylic on board
“Until Next Time” 2020, 16 x 20″
moon over the ocean painting
“Moon Rise” 2020, acrylic on board

Unlike the paintings of van der Wal, which are populated with people, Rodts paintings are quieter, hinting at the end of a long day when most people have packed their cars and headed home or early in the morning, out to catch the best waves. Personally, I think his paintings void of any figures are his superior works and those are the pieces I’ve chosen to share with you today.

forrestrodts “Buoys and Gulls” 12 x 24 2020 Acrylic on board
“Buoys and Gulls” 12 x 24″ 2020 Acrylic on board
Forrest Rodts "High Hazard"
“High Hazard”, 6 x 18″, acrylic on board
forrest rodts paintings
“High Tide at 8″, 18 x 36”

Parked cars, empty beach chairs and waiting dogs imply that people are still in the water, surfing or sailing. The stillness in the works almost lets you hear the gulls’ cries and the distant sound of crashing waves.

 “Beach Girl” by forrest rotds
“Beach Girl” 9 x 12″ 2020 Acrylic on board
“Leftover Foam”, 2020, 12 x 36″
forrestrodts's profile picture forrestrodts “Table for Two” 2020 18x24 acrylic on board
“Table for Two”, 18 x 36″

“My paintings represent my continued study of water and light combined with my love of sailing, history and the ocean. My goal is to be as realistic as possible while still producing an aesthetically pleasing painting which will draw the viewer into its mood.” – Forrest Rodts

forrest rodts photo 2015
Forrest Rodts, photo courtesy of facebook

About the artist (from his website)
Forrest Rodts was born in 1960.Throughout his childhood he moved frequently with his family, but always spent his summers on Nantucket. The island became the most important influence on his painting during his early years. A self-taught artist, Rodts began showing his paintings while still in college. In 1983 he graduated from Hobart College with a B.A. in Economics and a minor in Fine Arts. He had his first one-man show in 1988. Since then Rodts has continuously exhibited on Nantucket, currently showing at Quidley & Company on Main Street. Rodts lives in Marblehead, Massachusetts with his wife.

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