Bring a Towel: The Zuma Beach Paintings by Stephen Wright.

zuma beach paintings by stephen wright

With an impressive ouevre of figurative work already under his belt, the Zuma Beach Paintings by Stephen Wright, exemplify his skill at rendering photo-realistic water, light and movement. Read more

Forrest Rodts Immortalizes His Nantucket Summers In Acrylics.

forrest rodts nantucket paintings

Using acrylic paints, artist Forrest Rodts captures his own childhood summers on Nantucket in artworks that will stir your own memories of summers past. Read more

Dutch Artist Fred van der Wal and His Beach Paintings

Fred van der Wal beach paintings

It has been said that every artist has a little crazy in them. Some more than others. Enter Fred van der Wal, a self-professed photographer, draftsman, painter and writer whose artwork I quite accidentally came upon. The Dutch artist may be best known in The Netherlands for his pencil drawings but it’s his little known series of beach paintings that caught my eye. Read more

Artist David FeBland Depicts Urban Life In Los Angeles

How I Learned to Swim by David FeBland
above: David Febland, How I Learned to Swim 30″ x 48″ Oil on Canvas

It’s no secret that I have a thing for artwork that features swimming and a love for swimming pools. So whenever I come across an artist whose work features this subject matter, I love to dive – pardon the pun, a little deeper into their work. Read more