Flora Borsi Animeyed Part 2


Hungarian photographer and retoucher Flora Borsi has added five new images to her Animeyed collection, a series of unique digitally manipulated self-portraits, that previously existed of six.

Flora Borsi Animeyed Part 2

In the stylized images, Borsi shares one of her own eyes with that of an animal. Her first round of these [with a puffer fish, a snake, a dove, a cat, a rabbit and a goldfish] received a lot of attention and I’m certain these three will as well.

Flora Borsi's Animeyed series
The first 6 self-portraits in Flora Borsi’s Animeyed series

Like the first six, the five newest self-portraits are executed, in terms of color and makeup, to complement the animals coloration.


Flora Borsi photos

Flora Borsi Animeyed 1

Little Puffin
little puffin Flora Borsi

animeyed swan

Flora Borsi is a popular artist from Budapest, Hungary. She is specialised in Digital Photography. Her aim is to visualise the physically impossible in the form of photo manipulations. Flora had several solo exhibitions across Europe and North America and her ethereal aesthetic has won multiple art prizes and worldwide recognition in the press. Her artwork was selected for the loading screen of Adobe Photoshop in 2014.

Her motivation is to inspire the viewer to think, to feel what she felt and to communicate these emotions through her pictures.

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