Self-Portrait by Abigail McGourlay Wins Isolation Artwork Competition

Abigail McGourlay Isolation Art Winner

Sheffield’s Abigail McGourlay, a 20 year old art student at The University of Leeds, has won The Art Society’s Isolation Artwork Competition with a wonderful self-portrait. Read more

Flora Borsi Animeyed Part 2


Hungarian photographer and retoucher Flora Borsi has added five new images to her Animeyed collection, a series of unique digitally manipulated self-portraits, that previously existed of six. Read more

Flora Borsi Animeyed


Hungarian model, photographer and retoucher Flora Borsi has a series of digitally manipulated photos in which she shares one of her own eyes in self-portrait with that of an animal. The series, Animeyed, consist of 6 such portraits. Read more

Twenty Dreamlike Self-Portraits of Brooke Shaden.

Self-Portraits of Brooke Shaden

We all like to dream. To imagine ourselves in a different place, at a different time. Where reality is suspended and we can fly, float or escape our mundane lives. Brooke Shaden has done just that by placing herself in surreal worlds in which she wishes she could dwell through her manipulated photographs. Read more

These Are PAINTINGS And No, I’m Not April Fooling You.

hyper-realistic portraits by Eloy Morales

I thought this would be the perfect post for the first of April, a day when most people are punking, pranking, and just plain joking, because this artwork is pretty hard to believe. But it’s for real. Read more

He’s 18. And Boy Can He Shoot. Surreal Portraits By Photographer Alex Stoddard.

photographer alex stoddard

Alex Stoddard (and remember the name because I’m sure you’ll be hearing it a lot more in the future) was born in 1993 in Jacksonville, Florida. He began taking self-portraits only two years ago at the age of sixteen in the woods behind his Georgian home. Read more