Flora Borsi Animeyed Part 2


Hungarian photographer and retoucher Flora Borsi has added five new images to her Animeyed collection, a series of unique digitally manipulated self-portraits, that previously existed of six. Read more

Photographer Erik Johansson’s Impact And How It Was Done.

Erik Johannsen's impact

Swedish-born photographer and retoucher Erik Johansson’s work is as if someone captured a dream. Metaphorical and traditional imagery appear seamlessly combined in surreal images. Impact is one of his latest pieces and Eric shares the process of how he created it. Read more

Flora Borsi Animeyed


Hungarian model, photographer and retoucher Flora Borsi has a series of digitally manipulated photos in which she shares one of her own eyes in self-portrait with that of an animal. The series, Animeyed, consist of 6 such portraits. Read more

Twenty Dreamlike Self-Portraits of Brooke Shaden.

Self-Portraits of Brooke Shaden

We all like to dream. To imagine ourselves in a different place, at a different time. Where reality is suspended and we can fly, float or escape our mundane lives. Brooke Shaden has done just that by placing herself in surreal worlds in which she wishes she could dwell through her manipulated photographs. Read more

Ads For Burger King, Netherlands & Germany That Will Catch your Eye.

burger king netherlands ad

They may not make you hunger for a burger, but these visually compelling ads for Burger King in the Netherlands and Germany are certainly eye-catching. Read more

Imaginative Architecture. The Fiction Series by Photographer Filip Dujardin.

Fiction series by photographer filip dijardinabove: one of Filip Dujardin’s architecture composite photographs

Fast Company ran a post the other day on their Co.Design site, inspired by the terrific design blog, Dezeen. Read more

Winged Goddesses. Psyche II – Nudes & Butterflies By Carsten Witte.

Pysche II By Carsten Witte

Pysche II is a series of photographs by Hamburg-based photographer Carsten Witte, whose work often combines elements of nature and flora with the female form. Read more