The Kid Can Cut. Rob The Original’s Pop Culture Coifs.

Rob Originals Texas Barber

In San Antonio, Texas lies a barber shop where the customers are getting a cut above the rest. Portraits of famous athletes, artists and celebrities are adeptly shaved into heads by the clipper-yielding hands of a talented, tattooed Barber/Artist known as “Rob The Original.”

Rob The Original’s Pop Culture Coifs

Rob the original

Originally from Los Angeles, Rob Ferrel (shown above with his ‘Frida” cut) moved to San Antonio with hopes of becoming an artist. Little did he know that he’d wind up becoming the “Hair Artist.” With his background in drawing, combined with his professional barber skills, Rob the Original has turned scalps into canvases.

Bruce Lee
Dr. Dre
cheech and chong haircuts
Cheech and Chong
Frida Kahlo haircut
Frida Kahlo

His two Texas barber shops are filled with fans who wish to represent their loyalty by wearing it on their head.

Tupac shaved into head
Michael Jordan
Kawhi Leonard cut
Kawhi Leonard
Danny Green, Eazy E, Ludacris and Derek Jeter
clockwise from upper left: Danny Green, Eazy E, Ludacris and Derek Jeter

Rob not only trims, shaves and clips the portraits to perfection, but he adds color and makeup to them as well.

Lil' Wayne haircut
Lil’ Wayne haircut only and on the right; with applied color.
Jack Nicholson's Johnny from The Shining
Jack Nicholson’s Johnny from The Shining
Clockwise from upper left: Salvador Dali, Selena, Heisenberg and Floyd Mayweather.
Ice Cube and Kanye hair cuts
Ice Cube and Kanye

Not only does he do portraits, but Rob can give you a design or artwork shaved into your head, such as the Louis Vuitton Monogram or Stars patterns shown below:
LV monogram buzz cut

Even Hillary fans are going to Rob for haircuts

He has executed his talents on ESPN’s SportsCenter, Fox Sports news and the Queen Latifah show, to mention just a few.

Barber Shops:

above: Rob The Original’s Barber Shop in San Antonio, Texas

Second location:

above: Located inside of the PicaPica Plaza shopping center on the south side of San Antonio, Texas


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all images courtesy of Rob The Original. Several of which have been cropped and enlarged for this post.