Photographer Erik Johansson’s Impact And How It Was Done.

Erik Johannsen's impact

Swedish-born photographer and retoucher Erik Johansson’s work is as if someone captured a dream. Metaphorical and traditional imagery appear seamlessly combined in surreal images. Impact is one of his latest pieces and Eric shares the process of how he created it.

Erik Johansson’s Impact

There is no CGI or stock photos in Erik’s personal work, just complex combinations of his own photographs. It’s a long process and he only creates 6-8 new images a year, excluding commissioned work.

Erik Johansson, Impact, 2016
Erik Johansson, Impact, 2016

This personal photo project of Erik’s was shot on a Hasselblad H5D-40, edited on a EIZO CG318-4k monitor with Adobe Photoshop and filmed with 4k GoPro camera.

Erik's initial sketch for Impact
Erik’s initial sketch for Impact

“This is an image I’ve been working on for the past months. I wanted to create an image where a lake is breaking up as a mirror. I wanted to make the effect look as realistic as possible so I decided to buy 17 square meters of mirrors last summer and brought out the mirrors, a boat and the model to a stone-pit. I thought it could be fun to share the process and to show how much work there is behind creating just one piece.” – Erik Johansson, April 5, 2016

Armed with a canoe, mirror shards and a little math, Erik begins laying out Impact:

Not only are photographer and retoucher Erik Johansson’s surreal images compelling, but his expertly made “Behind The Scenes” videos are as much a feat of talent as the finished product.

A look behind the scenes of the creation of Erik Johansson’s Impact, his latest digitally manipulated photo art.

Music: Principles of Geometry – Dam Aicoab

Erik Johansson is a photographer and retoucher from Sweden based in Prague, Czech Republic and Sweden. He is working on both personal and commissioned projects with clients all around the world.

To purchase prints of Erik’s work, go here.

For a look at more of Erik’s surreal photo work or more behind the scenes videos check out his website.

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