One of A Kind Summerland Art Bongs

summerland art bongs

Summerland ceramic stonerware, produced by hand in Northern California, is known for their minimal, elegant, fine white ceramic bongs and pipes. Having just collaborated with various artists for a Los Angeles Art Show they are presently offering 9 one of a kind Summerland Art Bongs.

Summerland Art Bongs

The “Slow Moves Art Collection” is an edition of one-of-a-kind bongs created in collaboration with some of Summerland’s favorite artists: Adi Goodrich, Ben Sanders, Chaz Bundick, Clay Hickson, Damien Correll, Liam Kaczmar, Maxwell Holyoke Hirsch, Ryan De La Hoz, and Ty Williams.

These bongs are fully functional and were made in part for a 4/20 art show held at Virgil Normal in Los Angeles in April of 2016. In an attempt to better support the creative lives of these individials, each artist will receive 100% of the profit from the sale of their unique bong.

Bong glazed by Liam Kaczmar:
Chongo bong glazed by Liam Kaczmar

Bong glazed by Los Angeles based Ben Sanders:
Chongo bong painted by Los Angeles based Ben Sanders.

Bong glazed by Ryan De La Hoz:
Chongo bong glazed by Ryan De La Hoz

Bong glazed by Brooklyn based Damien Correll:
bong glazed by Brooklyn based Damien Correll

Bong glazed by Ty Williams:
Chongo bong glazed by Ty Williams

Bong glazed by Los Angeles based Adi Goodrich:
bong glazed by Los Angeles based Adi Goodrich

Bong glazed by Chaz Bundick & Company Creative:
kind Chongo bong glazed by Chaz Bundick & Company Creative

Bong glazed by Chicago-based Clay Hickson:
Chongo bong glazed by Chicago-based Clay Hickson

Each of the 9 artist designed bongs is a one of a kind functional art piece. They are created with lead-free, food-safe glaze and ceramic, and a high-grade silicone grommet to ensure a clean hit and airtight carb, every time.

Price: $350 USD (prices subject to change)
Each measures 12″H X 4.5″W
Ships in 2-4 days

slow moves art collection

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all images courtesy of Summerland