Moschino Sneakers For Those Addicted To Bubble Wrap!

double bubble sneakers

Moschino‘s Double Bubble sneakers have a textured shell of what looks exactly like bubble wrap (technically called the pluriball effect). The fun shoes are available in white or black and made for both women and men.

Double Bubble Sneakers

moschino teddy bubble sneakers

These athletic shoes are made with a fabric processed a particular pluriball effect forming maxi transparent bubbles on the backs, sides and uppers (no, they are not ‘poppable”). Both Black and White have white laces with rubber logo tips, logo tape tabs on the back, logo tabs and silver accents

In Black:
Teddy Bubble Sneakers Blackmoschino sneakers
bubble wrap sneakers

The shoes have memory foam insoles to gradually adapt to your foot.

In White:
moschino shoes white bubble wrap sneakers moschino teddy bubble sneakers white

The soles feature the unmistakable Moschino Teddy Bear shape. Hence the nickname the Teddy Bubble Sneakers.
Moschino teddy bear soles

100% Made in Italy, they come in white or black and are made for both women and men.

Moschino Double Bubble Shoes
• Upper with pluriball effect
• Maxi transparent bubble with logo on the back
• Logo on the tab
• Lacing on the front
• End of the rubber laces with logo
• Metal hooks
• Logo Tape tie on the back
• Memory foam insole, which allows the foot to gradually adapt
• Textured shell sole with a bubble wrap effect

Lining : 100% Polyester
Upper : 100% Polyurethane
Bottom : 100% Rubber

Men’s or Women’s sizes, White or Black.
Price $585

Buy the Women’s here
Buy the Men’s here

images courtesy of Moschino